Message from the Masters of Light on April 30, 2023

“On April 29, 2023, a state was reached where the vibration of humanity reached that point where a so-called stagnant period starts. In your world, it means a state where the energetic tension has been charged so strongly that it is as if frozen, waiting to see how it will be released. In other words, the pendulum has now reached its other extreme and stops for a moment before setting off again.

At the galactic level, the state is waiting as well, because your path is not only your path, but it also involves in every way that home environment where you carry out your life. You have called that home of yours the Milky Way. There is now a major obstacle in the Milky Way, for which the entire galaxy is waiting with bated breath to be repaired.

You have received the power of creation as a gift from the Source and in accordance with your development you have been able to use that power or energy according to your own will. Now you live in a world where that power of creation has taken you as humanity and as individuals to a state where the potential of your life force has after all run dry. This means that you, as humanity have become seriously ill because your life force has run out, and you cannot get any more of it by continuing in this direction. It’s like you’ve used up your stock. Needless to say, this condition is extremely serious.

Just like a person who harbors negative thoughts and feelings for decades and believes he is a victim, gets sick more easily as his life force decreases. That’s how it is with humanity now.

When we long time ago gave information and predictions about how different eras would go and how long they would last, we did not see or believe that humanity would move at such an unlimited speed towards its doomsday. The way the development from darkness to light was supposed to go had then appeared in your time as a path forward for another thousand years. We can say that you surprised even us, who oversee your path. The pace of decline accelerated during the period of the last hundred years to such a scale that we could no longer stop it with our wisdom because you did not believe the ordained who were among you, whom we guided. You chose a path of destruction and allowed the darkness to guide you to this point where the reserves are now exhausted.

We hear you asking what we can still do and that question is now the most important. How can a consciousness/spirit that has exhausted its life force get more of it? For that, you have always received very precise instructions from us and by following them it is possible. We will not repeat them here anymore, but ask you to turn to the wise and look for those who have already made their decision, that is, live according to the instructions we have given. That’s the only way to make a difference in your future years and reduce suffering.

So look for people in your own country who know how to increase life force, change collective energy, and how to work with the Source, in a way that respects life and sustains it. Don’t be misled anymore into thinking that an easy and self-centered path or instruction is the right one in terms of the change of humanity, but look for those who know the truth, who live purely as an example. You have a last chance to push yourself aside if you feel the will to save yourself. Because there is still one great chance to overcome darkness and transform its destructive power into a life-sustaining force. Instructions can be found on how to do the work and the change.

We are not allowed to help you in your plight at the concrete level, instead, we can only support those who seek the truth. For so many centuries we have loved you, contacted many, and sought to refine your souls toward mastery, the ultimate reward of every committed seeker. But with the exception of a few, you have put your own desires and human lives first and set yourself up to defy the Messengers of Light because your trust in the Source has been lost. The path of Light is not the path of your own desires, instead, it is the path of service, which brings with each of its steps the greatest happiness and gratitude that you are looking for from the fulfillment of all your desires. Yet you do not see that it is the path of the soul’s destruction when it continues from life to life. But the choice has always been yours, as well as the responsibility for the consequences.

This message will also bring forward many opponents and the belief that everything will “work out” without active work on change will surely avalanche to the open. A fatalistic attitude, without taking responsibility, can unfortunately triumph over and so the suffering deepens, and in the end, the Light is no longer visible. But our task has been to show you the right path, not to strengthen the direction harmful to you. As has been the path of humanity ever since the so-called fall, counterforces work all the time and more powerfully whenever the right information and direction are given. This is good to remember when you weigh this text because through your mind there are attempts to still mislead you.

As you know, we operate in the current of Light and Love, and we do not scare or threaten you. We only bring the truth and support you to live according to it. In this time, your concrete truth is dark and so is your future. We now leave the keys to solving the matter to you and strengthen our connection with those who have already made their choice and worked hard for a better future for humanity. You have no other savior but the connection and guidance of your Divine Self. The path to that has been given to you at this time as well. We enclose you with our deep love and compassion. “