Summer solstice on June 21, 2023, at 17:57 Finnish time

The Masters of Light announce that the upcoming summer solstice event is the most important moment of outpouring this year, for which they awaken souls from all over the northern world to participate. The North is then the great receiving point of the Light, and so the entire northern hemisphere is bathed in the rising vortex of the Light.

“This is a message to all of you whose hearts yearn for a more beautiful world, greater unity, and a shared clean future. In the coming moment, we will be with all of you who have been born at this time to fulfill your mission. A mission by way of which all layers, all levels, and every heart of humanity can be illuminated.

The heart, not as a physical organ, but as a binding energy, is the main target of this solstice. Because your Holy heart contains the most important thing that you are all looking for, what you cry out by yourself and what you look for in other people. In your hearts is that great secret, the great possibility to change everything you carry in your thoughts about a better world. The heart is your tool and the center of your sacred will. Every soul carries a part of its Creator’s creative power and will in its heart, and it is just waiting for the point in your earthly journey where its voice surpasses the voice of your own will and desires.

Summer solstice on the 21. June (at 14.57 UTC) is an opportunity in the north to receive a great blessing of the Light. For the good of your soul and the whole humanity. We will give you our support so that you could maximally collect the willpower of the Source during that moment and that day. We have sent a small core group to a sacred place in Finnish Lapland to carry out their mission, which at that time will be carried out for the benefit of all humanity. The large, still mythical information storage in the Finnish soil can then open up more profoundly and widely when the time is right. It’s time to share the information wrapped in chords in such a way that everyone can receive and unite with it. It is time to spread the message of the Light even more widely from the North, provided that those committed to it, wake up to their ultimate mission.

In the development of humanity, the energetic end point of darkness has been reached, which we told you about last time. The entire Solar System is waiting for what you choose, where you focus your energy as individuals, and how you listen to the guiding voice of your spark in your heart. You still have time to change, but every moment must be used to make a change for the good of everyone. The coming moment will open a sacred connection through your Sun, and then a heart-awakening and uplifting stream of Light will pour out, eventually serving the entirety through you. Once again, gather together in energy and your aim and we will be with you at that moment, supporting and speaking the truth to your hearts.”

The message of the Masters of Light came with great compassion and love and I had tears running. They really are with us! We have to believe in our own ability to listen and receive guidance, because that’s exactly what those Masters, who know our world thoroughly, want. They support and help us grow stronger in our trust and togetherness. They constantly remind us that we have a mission that concerns all souls, and therefore living true to the information and truth is the only example that speaks of their message. 3000 souls have been born in Finland, whose sole task is to live as an example of the message of the Northern Light. Currently, only 2% of them are in the phase of carrying out their mission.

At the moment of the solstice, we all have the opportunity to receive high-frequency messages, as long as we open our hearts to them. That core group mentioned by the Masters is already ready to go and the sacred center will receive them and the outpouring that will come through them. It will enable a frequency of sharing new information through a higher activation of the Earth’s throat chakra.

We hope and send a message to Hungary that the higher frequency heart chakra there would be supported at the same time with the pure energy of Love.

Patrick and I will take care of our part in the Turku archipelago and finish the work we started many years ago with the Golden Network. But wherever we or you physically are, in our hearts we are one, as the Masters continuously keep telling us. With that frequency, we create love, compassion, and the energy of truth, a new world. With love, Eija