A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Lunar eclipse on 28th October in the sign of Taurus

The solar eclipse on 14th October was a point from where we set off towards such unknown that was yet hiding under clothes of delusion. The countdown towards the truth began. At that time, I did not share a public blog about the eclipse, as the guidance was not to “interfere” with the flow of time. The most important thing at that moment of the eclipse was to take part in creating such an energy of peace together, which springs from truth, love, joy, gratitude, and virtues that change the world.

We all carry in ourselves, as a possibility, that kindness and the brightening of our good qualities. It is a pure space of the heart, where Light and Love are created for the world. It is a gift given to us at birth, which we use as we wish during each of our lives. If we desire all that beauty and goodness, it is a conscious choice to stay in that purity of heart. Everyday awareness of yourself, and your own state guarantees the right choice and humble work for peace.

As the lunar eclipse approaches, all that falsely tries to present itself as pure, noble, or as love and friendship will surely show itself in the right light through some situations. Our helpers guide us to see everything as it is, even if we’d rather just view things through rose-tinted glasses. Our faith in others can be tested, as can forgiveness for those who turn out to be traitors or walkers in sheep’s clothing. It’s good to take a look around you and see what kind of people you deal with on a daily basis. Are they really people who strive toward the same, friends you can trust, come what may. Do they support the good in you, while they cleanse theirs to the open. It’s also good to look at yourself, am I a friend who stands by the other’s side, even if the other stumbles or even betrays my trust. Or if I am left completely alone, where is my refuge, the pure essence where I find solace and strengthening of my faith. Where is the place for each of us where we can experience complete safety and unconditional love.

It has been interesting, even if a bit tough, to witness how the truth about yourself and others has suddenly been literally brought under your nose. It may have been a shock, but it has certainly made me examine things both in myself and in others. I believe in guidance with all my heart because I have had my inner feelings confirmed hundreds of times at the moment when the truth has been brought under my nose. Even when I wouldn’t have wanted to look, but rather would have stayed in the illusion where you look at yourself and others through those glasses. I know that I am being guided to the right places and times precisely so that I can see things as they are, even though others may try to dress them back into sheep’s clothing. I am thankful that I am under the protection and guidance of the Helpers and God.

This thing can also be seen on a larger scale. Last week I watched the 24th podcast (in Finnish) of Väärinajattelija (the Wrong Thinker) and there is was explained in light of the facts, what plans the World Health Organization has for the entire world’s population. The further I watched, the more the wolf began to reveal itself from under the sheep’s clothing. Although it has been known for many years in which direction humanity is being taken and what kind of new world order is trying to be accomplished, was that podcast still a slight shock and once again made me ask where I am safe; what is the wisest thing to focus on now. As you know, for so many years we have been talking about how we cleanse the lower vibrations from ourselves, and through ourselves we create a new model of living. Those teachings are very necessary now when the large picture of a great scam is described right before our eyes. Because instead of starting to fear, create hatred and revenge, right now more than ever, it’s time to stay good. Because that’s the only way to avoid negativity increasing and avoid the one becoming stronger, who uses it as food. Everyone’s spiritual work is extremely important because first, you create the energy, which in time will be reflected concretely on earth. (You can watch the podcast here. Only in Finnish.)

The Moon in Scorpio is usually strong, as it tries to keep the darkness, as well as the wolf, hidden to the end. It tries to cling to the illusion it loves. It loves to wallow in deep waters and relish in the thoughts and feelings of self-pity and revenge. But now it’s time to bring all that down to the ground, to the sign of Taurus, so it can become concrete, seen, and worked on. This is a great opportunity for change!

Because now such a wave has been set in motion from the solar eclipse that both on a large and a small scale, all wolves will be revealed with time. Our awareness of the reality of things is being expanded and we are, in one way or another, placed in front of those things that have kept us in a lie. Regarding ourselves, others, and the state of the world as a whole. Little by little, moving towards the year 2025, at last, the wave turns into small ripples, finally showing a dead calm surface on which the truth is reflected.

When everything is turned upside down, all clothing removed, the truth revealed, it’s time to look at humanity’s karma. What has been thought to be a saving eagle is actually a prison guard watching over the cage in which we voluntarily locked ourselves in. A new era begins that will surely teach us to find the only refuge we have. But before that, let’s look at this wonderful and beautiful world, let’s stay in our own pure state and give thanks that the truth is revealed and we can still do something so that Light and Love will win in the world.

The lunar eclipse can also be seen in Finland weather permitting, and here its peak is at 23.23 o’clock (20.23 UTC). At that time there will again be a joint meditation focused on Peace, which you can participate in wherever you are. Luxia Borealis will pray and create peace starting at 22.50 o’clock for about an hour.

In the words of Orthodox recluses: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us”.

Hugs to all, Eija