Meaning of life

As so often before I wake up with the words in my head, and then I have to get up, otherwise, they disappear. I hear how my heart speaks with a gentle voice, it has opened to the message that desires to be brought forward for the sake of someone’s soul.

Today the concept of life’s purpose is shed light on. It is such a deep concept that I almost fall to my knees before it. At least in my soul I sink, I put my head down and look at myself. I look as gently as the voice within my heart, only perceiving or noting without the coloring or add-on of emotions. How has my purpose been fulfilled…

Does life have a purpose?

Having traveled the path of this life, I have already learned and know that all life always has a strong Divine purpose. With human souls the purpose is emphasized, each according to the stage of their development. Because the development of human souls includes responsibility for the whole of creation, and not just for oneself, one’s own earthly part. But then what is our great plan, our purpose as humans on Earth? Why are we born here again and again…

When I was younger and blinder, I walked the path of life forward with the thought of what I do want from life, what do I want to create and accomplish. Now that my path has progressed to this point, where I now look at everything, I ask a dire question, what else does life want from me? The question is not dramatic, but it is the question of a traveler who still wants to do her best, to serve, so that life can be fulfilled in the way it is meant to be.

After all, I have already lived, seen, and heard, and my experience can be augmented with the assimilation of that thought: I am a servant in life. And that’s how we all should be so that we can develop as human consciousness and souls.

When the soul is young, it chases after everything around it that could serve its desires and wishes. How to make them come true. Then the soul looks at everything from the perspective of outward from itself. From the perspective of me as a physical and sentient being. After those wishes are fulfilled, the young soul eventually learns that the self in every life will never run out of desires, hopes, nor disappointments, or the emotions through which new desires arise.

Such a young soul feels that it will only be happy when its desires have come true, when it has found something, lived enough, experienced big, transformative emotions, and different events, taken risks, seen everything, and felt the light and the darkness. Lived a life that looks like your own, at that moment. Thus the soul often runs in circles and repeats its experiences from one life to another, until it comes up with a life where it wakes up and gets the opportunity to choose a new path.

When the soul grows older, learns from its experiences, and strives to develop and expand its perspective, a different kind of reality opens up, as if from a higher perspective towards oneself. And then a question arises strongly: what can I give to life, how could I forget this self in order to become who I really am.

The fire of life has burned strong and fierce in me too. I always carried out my desires determinedly, with great enthusiasm. I created out of my own desire, I lived, I loved like crazy and I experienced a lot as a human. I went into dark caves, I didn’t appreciate the gift of life, and I didn’t appreciate myself in the body.

And so I visited death’s gate twice, woke up, and eventually lost everything and finally understood: I was living my own plan that repeated so many experiences of my past lives. My soul was treading water in the same place from life to life. I had to find change and growth!

The great purpose of life is to develop. In the end, I also understood that I cannot develop towards my own true Self just by repeating the experiences of my previous lives and my own desires. After all, the plan of a human child is to develop as a soul towards its true essence, which is pure and filled with love.

All physical life on this planet also is heading towards that. So that every being could shine its true, pure, and bright self and thus serve the entirety. Such a beautiful purpose! And such a beautiful plan for all humanity!

Living from your innermost, pure essence is the broader perspective from which to look at life. Life is a great Gift, it is a gift of Life-creating and sustaining Power, Love, and Wisdom to us, whose pure essence is one with It. How do I use my gift? Do I waste it on my own desires or could I allow myself to be wise and give my gift to all life.

I still sometimes feel the physical essence of a great power pulsing inside me and then the thoughts arise. I want to live, experience, and accomplish! I still want to… Then I remind myself that even that physical power should serve everyone so that I could develop so that I could walk towards Myself and the pure essence in which I am one with Love, the Provider of the Gift of life. For that is the only way in which I can fulfill the higher plan for this life.

My soul was very tired already as a child. I know I have come such a long way and I also have learned why I am born again. This life has not been easy either, because once again without wisdom, without guidance, I had to learn through my own desires and experiences. Fortunately, my soul’s plan screamed inside me, and I made also the right choices, through which I progressed without pain. But so often I have been weak and I have not dared to follow the guidance, even though my soul’s memory has been strong in this life and also the feeling of what the plan of this life contains. I am grateful for that and I apologize for my weakness. I also thank the Messengers of Light who have traveled with me, through my entire life-long journey this time. I know that I am an old soul, very old and therefore also tired. I’m tired of repeating my own mistakes and watching the entire human consciousness do the same. I have experienced deep aloneness with this knowledge and fatigue.

In a few weeks, my life will be at the point where one nine-year cycle ends. There has been a great struggle going on inside me lately. I look at the past years, its lessons and learnings. I look at their meaning, and the course of my development, and in their light I examine my future. It is good to understand, to take a deep look and find the wisdom of the past and in that light see if the Divine plan has been fulfilled. Where has it taken me? And where am I being guided now? Am I still alone among people?

But above all, have I served, because this is That Life, in which I was born into a servant’s room. I understand it, I see it, and I strive for it every day. But I’m still not able to, not the way He has planned for my life. I search and pray; Help me so I can see how to serve Love and how to fulfill the Great Plan by serving life, by serving searching souls, by serving my own higher plan. I pray for clarity, deeper humility, strength, and the purification of my great selfishness.

While I was writing this, a very beautiful soul stopped by, who is also searching, walking those paths where God walks with you. And also one’s own desires. I pray that those two paths will be connected for her as well. That is what we all should pray for. That the great, life-creating, and sustaining Source of Power, Love, and Wisdom would connect with my soul. So that the purpose of Life would be realized through me. Through all of us. In this life, finally.

Thank you, Father, that through your Love I have the opportunity to live and strive towards Love. Thank you, my father, that through human love I got the opportunity to walk on Earth again.

I am wishing a hopeful Father’s Day, 12 November 2023, to all souls.