Upcoming months and opportunities

Those of you, who have followed my blog in previous years may have already been waiting for an outlook for the New Year. And here it finally is, on its way. In recent years, it has been more challenging to take “down” the outlook and I’ve had to wait for the right moment. Part of the reason lies with me because it has been difficult to put into words the information I have received, but also because I see great variations in how the energy will eventually descend here to the children of Mother Earth.

I have been given pictures of this year already at the end of last year, but I have been waiting in peace to see how it will settle down. However, the beginning of the year has been a big wave of expansion, which has certainly allowed us to review the direction and powerfully create a new future at least on a personal level. Heavenly patterns have supported sacred energy, light, and the descent of connection among souls. It is then the free, precious choice for each of us to realize that energy here on a physical level. Because the deeper purpose is to build bridges across different boundaries developed by us humans. And above all, to create good neighborliness from heart to heart, despite the incompleteness of individuals.

The energies have not yet settled down, but are still frantically seeking their form both at the individual and collective level. From hope and love to despair and blaming others have the waves moved in these past months. Responsibility for one’s direction and love for one’s own Divine element must be pulled out as a support cord to hold on to because we can’t get permanent security from the outside, no matter how we seek and try to cling. My dear Master, who has returned to help us, has said that if you are not yet able to love yourself purely and compassionately, remember at least to love that spark of God in yourself, otherwise you will turn your back on the Creator, who also sustains your life. Everyone who is still balancing with this issue should remember this. I love myself even at that moment when I am being attacked, accused, and judged from the outside. And I remember to understand that they too carry the same spark. In these times withstanding from evil is put to a great test.

Simply put it is important to stay in one’s center, in one’s heart space, even when things are seething around, and send goodwill and compassion where it is still lacking. Sometimes it may require a deep and longer process of examining oneself, but in the end, it is very important to let go of the events and find the will to return to one’s own heart, one’s center.

By the end of March or the beginning of April, we will start to see how the energies take shape and thus show the direction of how the future has been built. My Master told me that the greater the potential that creates a strong faith in Holy Love and thereby strengthens one’s and others’ Divine spark, the more beautiful our future will be. Naturally!

After all WE, all of us, create the future of all humanity with our energy.

The beginning of this year is significant in this regard, and that is why experiences are brought to many, where non-abandonment of oneself is tested. This has also been the case with me because I have carried a strong self-belittling and even self-blaming energy for many lives by now. Past traumas have come to the fore (once more) with great force and the processes of returning to myself have been challenging. I want to instill faith in all of you who are still struggling with connecting to your Self. Give in to love and believe! Believe in your spark, in that Sacred Heart of yours, and don’t let outside energies destroy it, because then you will also give away your own power. None of us is yet so flawless or above others, to be able to say what the truth is. There are only truths of individuals who always want something for themselves. Usually, it is strengthening the lost aspect of one’s heart with the energies of others.

Sustainer of Life, give us the will and compassion to see the Love in all souls, and not fall for words that hurt and weaken others.

In March, some events open gates to currents each with its mission, message, and purpose. This year, the Vernal Equinox is on March 20th at 5.06 Finnish time (3.06 am UTC). It carries a feminine energy of gentleness that bears the name of the Wise Mother. The strength of the Wise Mother is precisely in her unconditional love for her children, and may that strength grow in us, because it is what our humanity truly needs. The forces created and set in motion during March, which aim to maintain that beautiful energy, will be rewarded later this year. It enables the connection of hearts across borders, as my dear friend expresses it.

There is a full moon Lunar Eclipse at 9.13 Finnish time (7.13 am UTC) on March 25th which is the day of Mary’s Annunciation—the same beautiful, all-loving, descent of the Holy Mother’s energy on Earth. The eclipse so to speak seems to lock out the lower, destructive emotions for that moment and everyone gets to receive Mother’s blessing, love, and acceptance. I emphasize everyone is allowed to receive, regardless of the objections our minds might produce. Now is the time for faith. Souls must believe in their ability to receive, create, and live up to a better world that is led by Love. The opposite of that world is selfishness and the pursuit of power by accusing, destroying, and judging others. May those energies be destroyed in all of us through our work and faith, and may the Mother bless our efforts.

Sustainer of our Life, give us strength to remain in Love so that we no longer resist the evil that tries to destroy our faith in our true selves and a better world.

And there is yet the Solar Eclipse of April 8th, at 21.18 Finnish time (18.18 UTC). This is what my Astro friend calls the most important event of the year. And so it is because in that moment the multidimensionality in all of us is perfected. The body-soul entirety gets the opportunity to be filled with the Spirit’s energy, in as much as is allowed and good to each of us individually. To cleanse the vessel for that moment is to prepare for that blessing. The latent mission in us for the sake of humanity will receive the activation codes, a new impulse so that the current towards that direction will start to downright bubble.

To put it more clearly, now is the time to cleanse everything that is an obstacle between me and other souls. So that it which prevents me from feeling compassion and love for other souls can melt away if we consciously strive towards it by working on ourselves during this remaining time. We can destroy all the obstacles that still prevent cooperation with others with our own spiritual work. We can break down all the barriers that our minds have set because we still think that we cannot face each other because others are not like we want them to be. That thought is a delusion of the ego that can go away when we give up our thoughts that I am better, I am right, I know the truth, I want to be above others. I, instead of us.

Creator of our Life, give us faith in unity, in a deep will to create a common future with the help of Your power.

Spring moves towards the moment when the energy of creation contracts and what remains is a concrete view of the result of our creation. That sight opens up to us after the Summer Solstice. Until then, we will diligently water the fragile seedlings of hope and Love that we have created together during the last years and strongly in the last weeks. For it is so that the moment of creation is continuous and we must sustain the power of the seedlings we plant.

A new path for humanity is opening. Oh! Now let’s finally join together and give up our lower selves for the sake of the common good. And it doesn’t at all mean that you need to give up your dreams or your individual path, quite the opposite! Everyone’s path can join the same goal, which goes in the direction written in the plan of humanity. Let’s adhere to the spark in ourselves and blow compassion into the heart of each individual so that we can ignite a great fire that from one moment to the next strengthens the Light from the North.

Such beautiful and poetic text was desired to be conveyed through me this time. Because that’s how it is, the beauty of words also creates a beautiful world. Thanks to the wonderful and rich Finnish language for that.

Let’s unite again in these great moments. Let the Light travel from heart to heart.

I will retreat to my solar retreat no later than March 10th but I will still work on all the readings I have promised. I will return to my duties renewed at the beginning of April.

~ Eija