The importance of the eclipse season

I wrote earlier about the upcoming eclipses and, above all, I talked about the importance of maintaining all that is high and beautiful, especially in the moments of eclipses. Of course, it is important during this period too, to remember what we are aiming at, what is most precious in me, that I want to maintain and cherish in my life. Is it my purse, my car, or my profession, or is it the innermost, most sacred part of us all, the image of God that can be reflected on Earth through us.

What I didn’t write about is the notion that this is, once again, another karmic year for humanity after a longer cycle, rooted in previous karmic years, 2015 and 2006. Then we set in motion, both at a personal level and collectively, energies that have in a way been amplified over the years and now we are seeing its results. Of course, we are creating the future for our next cycle on Earth during this year also. The eclipse season would be an excellent time to create good, high, peaceful, and uplifting energy by being in touch in one’s heart with that eternal part of oneself and at the same time with the Divine.

It is a staggering thought that we, who now are here on Earth in bodies, are creating the great future of humanity at this extraordinary time. We therefore have a great and joyful responsibility to do our best for that future. Under no circumstances must we lose hope, even if the concrete world around us would be turbulent, broken, or even destroyed, but our task is to remain in connection with the Divine. In that way, we shall preserve for future humanity that high information that only the Divine level preserves for us.

During the karmic year, it is also good to draw lessons, for only then can we make a difference, when we understand the message of the past correctly. Each person can practice expanding his own understanding through that thought, but not by judging anything, just acknowledging and gaining insights. For example, what energy, that is, emotions, thoughts, and choices did I set in motion in 2006 and 2015. Or more broadly, what was happening in the world then, which is now reflected on Earth. And what I can do differently now so that the new cycle would carry beautiful and good energy.

During this year we will surely face many critical points when the world situation can escalate further, and it is good to practice for that moment already now by creating everyday counter-energies that are connected to the Divine plan. And that plan is love, which creates and sustains life throughout the Universe. Faith, trust, and striving for that connection are our most important aids in this year of the Lord 2024. Let us stay in our hearts, in love, and thus create it also for the future of all generations to come. There are already many of us and we will unite, as long as we dig within ourselves the willpower and the right attitude to make a change. Let’s meet again in the heights during the upcoming weeks. That is our strength.