Message of Peace to the World


A few weeks ago, we were asked to extend the cleansing work of places and areas. We had just returned home from a tour to cleanse the Eastern border of Finland from one end to the other of all the energy residue that had been generated everywhere on Finnish soil during the war, but also before and after it. It was not an easy journey, because so much pain, horror, and great sorrow of souls had been gathered in Maiden of Finland through those who had suffered in the war. We did our best and drove across the entire eastern border all the way to Norway. After all, the laws of energy state that like attracts like, so cleansing this part of the world was more than necessary to prevent the souls of lost soldiers from eventually attracting reinforcements. There was great sorrow also for us while we worked, for the suffering was deep and the despair great. The forces of the Archangel Gabriel were with us and opened their helping arms so that all could continue their journey towards Light and healing and a time towards new life.

The call to extend this kind of work now applied to Europe since the previous war had been common for so many nations. We know that many able helpers have prayed and cleansed many concentration camps and stormy battlefields. This information will also facilitate our tour, which we agreed to take on short notice. The helpers then gave us precise instructions on how this journey should be carried out and where our helping skills were particularly needed. Thank God for the Helpers, for without their support and guidance we could not do this work. We are, only just arms, following instructions from Upstairs.

We set out on a journey of volunteer cleansing, but we also carry with us a great and precious idea that we take wherever we go. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude, because we are also taking one of the most important messages of Pekka Ervast, a great master, to the places where this mission takes us. It was quite astonishing to see how many people took on the work of organizing our journey and, above all, of translating the five important guidelines from the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus brought by Ervast. This work was enthusiastically done outside Finland too, so that we could take the message with us in as many languages as possible. Our thanks go out to all of you who sacrificed even your night hours to get the necessary copies done so we could take them with us before we left. Now the flyers in Estonian, Russian, German, French, English, and Italian are neatly tucked away in a box, waiting for their turn and the country in which their message will open.

So, we left yesterday from Suonenjoki and this morning in Tallinn we did our first work. The largest churches were “harnessed” energetically for peace work and we also left flyers in them, telling about the five guidelines of the Master Jesus so that brotherhood or neighborliness could overcome in the world, and also describing this journey and its deeper purpose. We also gave flyers directly to people and left them in an esoteric boutique. The people we met were somewhat confused at first, but one of the five we met became clearly delighted while reading the paper.

After Tallinn, we headed to Narva and its surroundings, always stopping as instructed where more help and cleansing of energies was needed. This day was quite challenging, as we didn’t have many hours of sleep behind us, but fortunately, we were trained to stretch our limits and so today’s work became done. And if that hadn’t been the case, our Helpers would surely have returned us to the sloppy places, as happened in Lapland when we passed a place because my wires were a little off. Great trust in the Helpers is always with us and they have confidence in that we will obey and strive to do the best we can with what we have.

Instagram was harnessed for this work, even though Patrick and I are frankly hopeless with this social media stuff. The saying, old grinders, fits us better than the social media persons. But here too, a large group of enthusiastic experts came to the rescue. At least we know how to take some photos and short video clips and send them to Finland, where others then create cool IG etc. stuff. It’s wonderful that you only need to know your own job!

There is also a place of gratitude for those who have given their help to cover the costs of such a trip with the donations our community has received. After all, this work, together with spreading our Finnish spiritual heritage and giving hope, faith, and tools, is exactly the kind of work that is written into the founding charter of our community.

There will be pictures and stories on Instagram every day and anyone interested can follow our exciting journey. Today we were just rehearsing, but maybe more footage and authentic atmospheres will be shared with you. We hope you will all bless our work that aims for peace and for spreading the message of how each of us can create better prospects for future generations through our own work. We must stop believing that we can’t make a difference! On the contrary, through the work of individuals, no one can stop the good from spreading. Through spiritual work, each of us becomes better, our own true human being filled with love who can live it to the fullest in our everyday lives. It is a current that can only grow until it joins the great sea and then the critical mass is reached, and the spread of Light and Hope can no longer be contained let alone stopped.

Thank you again for allowing us to spend this moment with you. We feel how so many of you are with us on this exciting and important journey. Blessings to you all.