Austria, the landscape of our hearts

Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

Austria 14-17.6.2024

Half dead, after maybe three hours of sleep, we left Mikulov for Austria. For some reason, neither of us slept much. The reason might have been that some wine parties around the hotel were celebrated in several nearby pubs and hotels. When we left in the morning, we were given two bottles of organic wine as a present, whose destiny we wondered about, but ultimately, we left them at our next accommodation as a present. Let the “good” go around.

In a way, It was a relief to get across the border, buy a toll tracker for the van and move quickly (and expensively) towards Vienna. Our first stop was at Klosterneuburg Abbey, just outside Vienna. It is a grandiloquent, immensely large facility, where we quieted down in the small Chapel of Mary and also left @CreatingPeaceForHumanity flyers. The area had many shops and cafés where the weary tourists could refresh. We didn’t stay there very long, as our thoughts were already on Patrick’s approaching solar and the work before that.

For the night, we ended up at a large campsite, Mondsee, a weekend retreat for hundreds of tourists above Salzburg. Next to each other were caravans and trailers. And tents. Although we’re not too keen on large crowds, we managed very well and said hello cheerfully to our neighbors, who seemed to be secretly spelling out the texts on our van. We had a sweet night’s sleep, and the next day, we set off early to move to Patrick’s solar place, up in Tirol, about fifty kilometers up to the mountains from Innsbruck. We worked from distance as instructed.

The solar place was found via Airbnb and exceeded our expectations regarding price, location, and atmosphere. The apartment was downright luxurious! So was the view of the mountains. We had a few days to meditate, have peace and quiet and check out the upcoming destinations with the Helpers. The Helpers told us that, as always, when they send us somewhere to do a mission, there is also a personal level involved, where we are tested and helped to develop individually, usually in difficult circumstances. This has been the case, and our journey so far has not been easy. Our journeys are never recreational, although the pictures may give you a happy and relaxed impression. Of course, we both enjoy traveling and seeing new things, so this kind of thing suits us very well. We have also always been taught to put ourselves aside so that the message we represent is the one that is put across.

Our task was to be more personally in the spotlight this time, but we have not been very successful. However, we did not receive any “reprimands” from the Helpers; they just told it like it was. We concluded that we were old students of wisdom and truth, too old for it to have been natural to do videos. It is also true that we are the bearers and keepers of information that is already disappearing from the wisdom field of the earth to the point where it is difficult for people to reach it. However, that ancient wisdom and message must be preserved, which some consciousnesses have come into this life to do. That is what our Helpers of Light have been training us to do for many decades, and I bet that that message will have been forgotten after our generation. Until a new age comes, humanity returns to its roots to create a new world based on ancient knowledge and wisdom. Then, the knowledge that has been preserved will be awakened and brought back to earth in the souls of those who have stored it.

We have been asked who those Helpers of Light are. Back when my spiritual guidance clearly and strongly began in the early 90s, I had Cosmic Helpers from my star system who were guiding me daily. Over these decades, they have been sometimes more distant from me and sometimes more closely and clearly connected. As Patrick also has cosmic origins, we are now guided mainly by astral consciousnesses, but we also have other higher-dimensional Helpers. Whenever we are on a journey for spiritual work, we have a group of five Helpers with consciousnesses from different dimensions. The same trusted council always walks with us and reviews our work.

We call all the Helpers of the high, pure Light and Love frequency Helpers of Light, as has been advised for many years. They are not guides in the common sense of the word, nor are they deceased, but beings of Light who, except for one, have never been in physical form on Earth. They have a very broad picture of what our work entails we do and what we are trained to do. It is true that education goes on, and so does development. We need to be awake both with ourselves and the message we convey. In other words, the message of development has gone through different stages. And that’s a good thing, too, because the way things change is a sign of development and a broadening of understanding.

I am very grateful to be a student every day before this group. They help me see clearly where there is growing to do and where I am in my development. Sure, I may try to procrastinate, be weak in my soul or defend myself, but that only causes time to be wasted, and I am stuck when I could be taking a new step on my path. This journey, too, has shown me the points and also the cosmic winds where I lose myself and my connection weakens. Still, I am grateful for those moments, too, because they have taught me where I can be more awake, do things differently, educate myself and strengthen my soul.

So we celebrated Patrick’s 60th birthday in the mountains of Tyrol, which we both love. We had only been there once before, and that was on a long retreat. It was a very profound and rewarding time for both of us, and we really got to enjoy the scenery, the hiking and the silence. It was also a time when our shared past lives were opened up, and it surely bonded us closely together to this work. This time, the reason and purpose of our journey are different, but they are as rewarding and important as they were many years ago.

In our experience, Austria is a country of happy and positive people. On this trip, the first country where people are constantly greeting and smiling when meeting others. So it has been easy and straightforward to hand out flyers and be otherwise in the spotlight as we have toured this country. On the last day of Patrick’s solar time, we visited the small picturesque town of Rattenburg, which is said to be the smallest town in Austria. It’s a lovely town, the cradle of glassblowers, which you can certainly see in the street scene. There are little boutiques everywhere selling glass art of all shapes and colors.

Above the village are the ruins of a centuries-old fortress, to which you climb up a narrow mountain path. In the thirty-degree heat, it was lovely to enter the cool shadow of the forest and slowly climb toward the ancient towers and walls. On the way up, there is a sweet little healing  chapel of St. Mary, the Mother of God, where we also sat and prayed for quite a while. There, too, I lit a candle to pray for the overcoming of good neighborliness and the healing of all my many neighbors. After that moment, it was easy to climb the rest of the way and reach the run-down fortress. It had a great view of the town below.

After four days in Austria, we set off across the Alps via the Brenner Pass to Turin and its sacred chapel, where the shrouds of Jesus are kept. More on Italy in my next blog. Be well!