Patrick Winquist & Eija Kuukari

This work is our life

Our own paths of spiritual development for the last 30 years in this life have led us to this work, which we consider to be our most important task in this time of big changes. We travel around and share information, guidance, and tools on how each soul can cleanse his vibration and soul memory and through that raise themselves to their Divine Self.

The book and cards that Patrick has channeled are available as help in this work. The Highest Self is what all souls long for because through that you can have all that you are longing and searching for.

We hold evenings, lectures, and courses on what the cleansing work entails and how you develop as a spiritual being through that.

There are several groups in Finland and Sweden that are already doing this work on themselves that can change the entire collective energy of humanity even permanently. The work that you do on yourself is, thus, also for the benefit of the entire humanity. It is now time for us to unite.

We also give personal guidance, do soul path readings and energy healing. We also cleanse places, houses and help the deceased towards the Light. We do our work through our Highest Self together with the wonderful helpers of Light. We both have our own strengths and individual abilities and by uniting them we can help and serve better. This work is our entire life.

Do not think like a human! You are a multi-dimensional being!

The Luxia-method™ helps you to raise your vibration and connect to your Highest Self in a stronger way. The cleansing work of your own vibration is more important and urgent now than we might even think. There are very active cosmic events going on and our planet and its citizens are now reacting strongly to them. The more humanity reacts negatively, the more it creates its negative future. Wars, terror attacks, suffering, competition, selfishness, etc. Everything is stored as energy in the collective energy field, from which it returns back on earth as concrete actions and events. An endless circle that can be broken with the right kind of work. To deny the existence of the negative/darkness is not the solution, but the solution is to cleanse it. The work starts with ourselves!

The cleansing work of your vibration means being awake in your everyday life, understanding the state your soul is in, freeing yourself from programmings and relying on help from the Light. It is a responsible choice to refrain from increasing the darkness in the world anymore. Through your own work, you can be an example to others and also convey the correct information. On our planet, there are many star consciousnesses that have not yet started doing the work that they came here to do. Maybe you are one of them?

Through the cleansing work, you have the possibility to have a better connection to your Highest Self and eventually to receive all possible guidance and information through it. It is time to reconnect with your own Divine Self.

During our courses you can stay at the guest house with all inclusive accommodation. It is located in the courtyard of the old country house Portaluxia. We offer our guest lovely vegetarian food!

Welcome to our course!