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Sun’s Spirit talks

The subject of this blog is the fierce solar storms of the last few days and also this heat, which is now affecting also Europe. Already a few years, perhaps four years, ago we received a warning from the Helpers that the sun is dangerous to our physical bodies. They instructed us to stay in the shade as much as possible while the summer sun is shining, and even then only for small periods at a time. Our wonderful, life-sustaining Sun is downright dangerous to us because its harmful radiation is now manifold compared to previous years. Especially here in

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Year 2019

I’m sorry that my overview for the new year 2019 takes this written form only now. Almost two weeks of this new year have already passed when writing this. So far the energies of this year have been fast moving and active. The change has continued moving forward with speed. We have already gone through the first eclipse on 6.1. when we had a solar eclipse and also the occasion when the black and the white moon were in opposition. It was a powerful but also a very challenging moment. The next eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse on

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