Month: June 2020

Summer 2020

We are slowly starting our courses and are taking joy in working again. Our Island retreats are coming true and there are still places available on each retreat weekend. There will be only four retreats this summer. Contact us through the contact form if you have any questions or need more info. You can find more info on Luxia Island retreats here.

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Monday 1.6.2020 Once again this is one of those updates that comes better late than… I haven’t written the blog for a long time as I have been on a personal and unique journey in Vaasa, my home town. An out of the ordinary journey of five weeks together with my dear mother and a few other close ones. Now those intensive, good, and even challenging weeks are behind me. I have been left with tremendous, once in a lifetime experiences, that will surely leave a permanent mark in my soul and my understanding. I have gotten to witness how

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