Books and cards

Patrick Winquist: Largími y raj – The Divine Truth about the Light

These books have been channeled for this time to everyone that is yearning for tools of spiritual development in their daily life. These books advise you how to work with the Light in such a way that your own vibration would become cleaner, higher, and eventually, the connection to your Highest Self could open up.

The truth in these books is eternal and Divine and it has been brought to humanity continuously through different Masters. These books contain clear text about everyone’s responsibility and work with oneself and also give a broader picture on what it means to be human here on Earth. On our courses we also teach how to change your vibration in such a way that each and every soul could get all information by himself from his Highest Self without any middlemen. That would be such a change that would change also the world…

Largìmi y raj I

Do not think like a human.

To focus on Light, love and peace is a beautiful and positive direction, but in our time it is not enough! The energies of humanity and the Earth are now at such a level that every soul has to take responsibility for their own vibration. Every second each and everyone of us creates energy through our feelings, thoughts and reactions – energy that is mirrored as concrete actions and events between people and on Earth.

Every soul’s mission here on Earth is to cleanse their own energy field. We can no longer hide the negative energy under beautiful masks, but we must begin the real work.

This book has been given in this time, to today’s humans so that everyone could do this cleansing work every day in their everyday life. This book gives advice on how you can work on yourself, how you can free yourself from harmful programmings and how you can learn to think, not like a human, but as a soul that strives to reach the Light.

Largìmi y raj II

Back to God.

This book follows the personal cleansing guide book and it describes how the work of a single soul can change the great entirety.

The path of humanity has, already for centuries, spiraled fur- ther and further away from the Divine Guidance and the Light. In these times, so many souls have a burning desire to high vibrations and to returning back to God. So many are seeking for the right path that could change everybody’s matters for the better.

The path to God goes hand in hand with the helpers of Light and a sincere seeker will eventually be liberated through his own spiritual cleansing work. The helpers of Light are always present in everybody’s life but you have to remember to ask for their help.

By working on cleansing and raising your own vibration, can every soul participate in the greater cleansing work, the eleva- tion of the collective energy and the healing of Mother Earth.

Taking responsibility for your own vibration is the first step towards the future of humanity and this wonderfully beautiful planet.


In addition to the books, a deck of 90 cards, has been channeled. They are meant to help your daily spiritual work.

To your help you can lift three cards if you have a state of mind that you do not manage to get hold or if it does not decrease. In this way, you can get a direct answer to a question or a card can remind a larger whole and the importance of this work.

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The books and cards are also sold at Era Nova in Helsinki, Vattumannen in Stockholm and Regnbågen in Göteborg.