Month: February 2022

Universal sorrow

Today, 24 February 2022, has brought us Europeans and even the whole world disbelief, dismay, and universal sorrow that unites us across borders. Especially, in the last four months, many discussions and conciliations have been held between Europe and our neighboring country Russia and so many different heads of state have tried together and separately to find a solution to the crisis in Ukraine that began years ago. This morning, however, brought bad news, and attempts to find a peaceful solution had ended in war. Once again, humanity’s opportunity of finding the path of wisdom failed and the era of

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Heart as a center

Today is a day of a snow blizzard, and I have been thinking already from the morning about themes related to the message Pallas Athene brings to the astrology map. So I think was no coincidence, that just today I received a message from a beloved male soul that once again made me stop and think about the difficulty of all communication including the difficulty of spiritual expression. Earlier, I wrote about how the energy of division will be strengthened during this spring and there is a reason for that. The energy of this time makes you take a really

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