Northern Light that spreads from soul to soul

Luxia Borealis is a spiritual movement born in Finland over the course of ten years, whose foundational pillars lean on ancient spiritual wisdom and truth adapted to this time. Currently, there are Luxia Borealis fellowmen in Finland and also in Sweden, and Hungary. The highest aspiration of Luxia Borealis is to transform humanity into a world of love through the individual’s own work so that the different movements, religions, nations, or groups of people in our world could be good, tolerant, and loving neighbors to each other. Brothers and sisters who are children of one and the same God.

Our spiritual values ​​are above all an understanding of an individual’s responsibility and spiritual work in daily life. Equally precious is the idea of ​​one God, that is, one Source, that creates and sustains life everywhere. It is the source of pure love, wisdom, and truth.

All the great Masters, that have been sent to help humanity and bring wisdom and truth to the world, have brought it from that pure Source, God. Each Master brought them to humanity in a way suitable and appropriate for that time. We respect all the Masters, the wise messengers of different religions, and strive to follow the wisdom brought by them in our everyday life, supporting each other in doing that.

The wisdom of the Masters is present in our daily life in the guidance given in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which Pekka Ervast explained in such a way that every individual can understand and follow. In this way, we are also continuing the work started by a Finnish master more than a hundred years ago. We also walk in the footsteps of the Buddha and do Tibetan Buddhist exercises for calming and clarifying the mind. The most important tool in our everyday life is the cleansing method for low emotions and thoughts, the Luxia-Method®, which Patrick Winquist brought to people’s aid several years ago. Developing ourselves with these tools, we take into account the body-soul-spirit entirety that a person is. Eventually, every person can achieve an understanding of what is the purpose of life on earth, which is to live on earth a life guided by the Spirit while present in the body. Living like this, the world can change, because then we humans will no longer destroy life and each other, but instead nourish it with our own essence of love, fulfilling our own divine mission. The road to that is long and sometimes challenging, but walking on this path gives everyone’s life an inspiring purpose and goal.

In Finland, Luxia Borealis is now also an official community living in Suonenjoki, which strives to implement the aforementioned values ​​in its everyday life. With our example, we want to provide others with help and hope that everyone’s life can be meaningful and important, because everyone can, regardless of where or what kind of family they live in, travel their own spiritual journey and do the spiritual work in their everyday life. Our community exists for all those seeking change and we share the wisdom and truth we have learned, e.g. through courses and personal meetings. Our idea with this is that people could set off to their daily lives with good new ideas and tools for change.

One goal of our community is to achieve the greatest possible self-sufficiency by cultivating clean food. The purpose is also to act as an example in that a pure and loving coexistence among all kinds of individuals is possible when it is based on the right method and a common goal. Our community is a large spiritual family with the goal of creating to the world a new model of living based on tolerance, peace, love for your fellow men, and responsibility. Everyone can then implement that model in their own life, with their loved ones, in their own country.

You can apply to become a member of our community, but we have two conditions for that. The first is the practice of the Luxia-Method® and the second is abstinence from intoxicants, which means that a member of the community does not use any mind-altering substances. Those substances are alcohol, drugs, also those obtained from nature, which are used a lot nowadays to change consciousness. Otherwise, the community member realizes his own path in his own, individual way, taking others into account and respecting them.

Luxia Borealis strives for spiritual and physical purity and natural life. Step by step, individual by individual, year by year, everyone working on themselves and striving towards the Divine Light.