Work In This Time

30.8.2014 – Eija

The original questions have become even deeper lately.

Who am I, what is my assignment here, what do I carry in my soul, how do I stay in contact with the Creator, my Higher Self? I saw that all searchers were pondering the same things, now more than ever. What is stopping us then from understanding, from being aware of the issues?

One reason, in my opinion, is that we have accepted a certain model for ourselves, that is a joint creation of our parents, childhood, social norms and associations. The strong confirmations from previous lives, thousands of different experiences…We have not been taught, that after our children have been born we should listen to and raise them according to who they really are. We transfer the same package, the same limitations and negative models from one generation to another to our descendants, while we still increase demands and layers of disguise. That we live in this shell, and accept it, hinders us from getting to know our souls and cleansing its layers, taking off the masks, that we didn’t even know we had.

Where to begin? Change is a part of everyone’s path. It is a law, that governs life. To accept it and welcome it with joy is a first step. I encounter many souls, who are tired of being here, in this pointlessness. That nothing changes, not even within themselves. To accept change, whatever it may bring to our lives, is big step towards what we really are. My dear old friend from thousands of years back, has developed a model, that makes the cleansing work, finding my true self and the connection to my Higher self possible. Even in this busy, force fed time! It is fantastic and functional in its simplicity. All it takes is self honesty and being aware. Like…did somebody already sigh?

My friend says, and rightly so, that each and everyone of us has a backpack (soul memory) that contains an unbelievable amount of experiences, negative feelings and thoughts. Each person and situation that you encounter has been planned just for you, so that you would notice, what is hiding in your backpack. It is our job to empty our backpack, to cleanse. When you for example, meet a person, who causes anger, envy, jealousy, the need to own, etc. to rise in you, notice it! DO NOT react by throwing those feelings on them with words or energetically, but interrupt yourself and immediately ask, that it be removed! It is important to ask a higher power. It is not enough to try to do it by your own powers, but in cooperation with the Creator, God,
Christ, Buddha, the Masters or the higher angels…whichever is closest to you, chose that.

There are countless of different negative feelings and thoughts in all of us, no one is better than the other in regard to that. If we deny our own negative part, we put the same energies back in the backpack and they will all wait there until next time, when a situation will make them rise again.

When you cleanse, be honest and only look at yourself. What rises to the surface right now? When the feeling is at the surface, it is easier to remove, to cleanse.

This is interesting, but still hard work. It is, of course, certainly worth it! When you cleanse and lighten your own burden, it is much easier to be in contact with the helpers of the Light and your Higher self, when our own reactions don’t disturb and hinder us. This model is not designed to focus on the negative, but meant for honest self-inspection and cooperation with the Higher powers. To drop the masks, to break the personal moulds, is freeing. To bring the attitude that everyone is the same, has the same value, onto the everyday level. No one is more valuable or better than the other, we all have something in common…The Divine journey that we have made from many different sources.

This everyday work functions as a support for quieting the mind, in asking for protection and guidance, listening. How interesting it is to be here in the human body, being its prisoner, behind many masks. And how easy it is to free ourselves from that, reach purity and finally fly home.

“Man, know thyself”