Luxia-Method™ working with the Light


These days there are so many souls looking for the connection to their own origin, their own Divine part. So many are yearning… for something greater, own guidance, purer love, the true self…

What is it that prohibits us from connecting to our guidance, our Divine origin, our real self?

All the lower vibrations within us are an obstacle for a purer connection. All of our lower feelings, thoughts, and reactions are collected in our soul and we carry those from one life to another unless we wake up and start working for our own benefit. By cleansing our lower energies away, our Light increases and our connection to our Higher Self becomes stronger and clearer. We start living in connection with our Divine Self. And there is all the information about us, all the right guidance and information to be had. Love yourself so much that you give yourself the possibility to radiate Light, gradually and eventually so completely as the Divine part of you can actually shine.

For many decades I also searched, examined different trends, did countless exercises and meditations. They did bring me strongly forward and I gained a lot of experience and in due time also got also guidance. My star helpers were there to guide me in meditation and the out-of-body travels. They were there to teach me what the human energetic build and its countless levels are like. I was very lucky to get such personal hands-on guidance. In addition, I have always had sisters on a spiritual path who have supported the way in the right direction. I’m also very grateful for that.

In due time I was also guided to share all this with other searchers. For years I held courses, meditation evenings, gatherings and shared my own experiences. I saw a lot of excitement and insights, moments of happiness and changes in vibration. But still, something was missing… I tried to inquire and search for such a method that would actually bring forth lasting changes in the vibration and the daily life of those walking on the spiritual path because throughout these years I had noticed that so many good moments and the will to change did not last.

Serenity and trust were temporary and for many the daily life was still a struggle and many times even too challenging. The same problems repeated themselves, the happiness did not last, and their own guidance did not work. Negative feelings guided everybody’s behavior and their own reactions were thrown onto others without any hesitation… Where was the secret to lasting peace of mind and serenity? So I searched for more… I started to put my faith and trust more and more on old methods, holy books, and scriptures. Jesus brought along an example of how to live in a way where God guides every action and that is based on strong trust even in front of ordeals. Buddhist methods were striving to change the vibration permanently through self-awareness and relying on Buddha. I was interested in the lives of Ancient Initiated together with the methods that would preserve the high vibration and the connection to the Light.

The motto MAN KNOW THYSELF began to get a deeper meaning and finally, some years ago, when I met my old friend, the missing link was found! My dear friend had also studied and searched for answers, lived a pure path in reality already for a couple of decades and finally created his own foolproof method for everybody to use to reach their Divine connection. A method, all people equally, regardless of their conditions, could use in their everyday life to raise their vibration and eventually achieve what all souls are really yearning for! The essential part in it is to take responsibility for yourself, your energies together with trust in the power of Light. At the same time your self-awareness grows and while moving forwards the possible stumbles will stop repeating themselves. The person and his vibration will permanently change due to cleansing, self-acceptance, and love, and eventually, the circumstances of everyday life will also change. All towards the positive and healing direction.

By being aware of your own vibration and asking the Light to help when some negative, lower energy is at the surface driving the reactions and actions, you could actually free yourself from those lower energies that hinder your connection to your Higher Self, your Divine part. Because the Light actually comes to your aid when we ask. It is very logical and all vibrational laws support it.

So what does it mean to work on emotions together with the Light?

1. Be as self-aware as possible every day.
2. Take honestly note of those moments and encounters when negative feelings become stronger within you.
3. Identify the negative feelings when they are active, that is to say when they are on the surface of your energy field, and accept you have it, do not try to repress or hide it from yourself.
4. Immediately ask for help from Light; God, Buddha, Christ, angels, etc. as they represent the higher power of Light and can work with you if you only choose the Light and ask for help. For example: “I pray dear Christ to cleanse this envy from me” or “Dear angel, please take away this jealousy from me.”
5. Do not react by throwing the negative feeling on others, that is to say, do not blame other people, circumstances or the surrounding world for your feelings or reactions.
6. Trust, that you are heard and helped!
7. Keep in mind, that you cannot lie at the vibrational level even if you can lie to yourself.
8. Rejoice that a bad feeling arises (all bad feelings) because that is the moment you can recognize and accept and it/them within you, get help and the Light in you increases!
9. Rejoice also of all your happy moments and untroubled days.
10. Do good deeds, be as positive as possible and enjoy all the beauty around you. Love your neighbor to the best of your ability.

Go forward with joy!

Working with the powers of Light like this is efficient. And it’s not a new, popular trend of this time, on the contrary it’s a method from old holy books updated for this time.

When you examine clairvoyantly a negative feeling/thought/reaction in one’s aura, it can be seen as a dark, impure, and often unpleasant energy cloud. It’s shape, strength and direction vary, but I can assure you that even all the “angelic-like” people carry all kinds of things in their energy field if they have not cleansed them away by actively engaging in their own spiritual work.  In fact, nobody is better or worse than the other at the energy level… we all have something to cleanse. Who and what we are in this life, is a sum of all our previous lives. We are a summation of them regarding our feelings and also our behavior. Those and all the programmings from this life push and pull us to all different directions, we are all its slaves even if we think we are already very spiritual.

When the Light, that is to say the energy that created and maintains life, increases in us, also all our positive feelings increase and strengthen. We change and get connected to our Highest Self and its guidance. We can little by little shine brighter the Light we truly are and eventually learn what is our plan, goal and possible mission for this life. Happiness and Light would increase in your inner circle and finally, all negativity in us would lose its grip and transform into unconditional love. Humanity would change one by one.

Now is the right time to take responsibility for yourself, your vibration and start a true spiritual journey. This method offers you good tools for that if you don’t have the possibility to take a life long retreat guided by a higher teacher.

If each person would take a look at only himself, his feelings and start working on cleansing himself, the world would change because the negative force would no more have any room in anybody’s life. I know that also Mother Earth would take a sigh of relief and gratitude! Souls that vibrate on a higher level cannot cause damage to themselves, any others nor this wonderful planet that is our home and gives us the opportunity of life in a bodily form.

In addition to this daily work with emotions, it might be good to reflect on all the choices you make… Does this action or direction increase the Light in me and take my soul towards my Divine part and the guidance from it… Food, drinks, surroundings where you spend time, people etc.… all have an effect on everybody’s energy. Positive exercise, meditation and clean nature are also good for you.

It’s also important to concentrate on joy, strive towards positivity and compassion while you cleanse your lower energies. Being in contact with Mother Earth, the company of others on this path and candid discussions gives us immense support while pursuing the happier and well-balanced life through working on ourselves. So be the change you want to see in the world. The work done by each and every one of us helps the entirety and maybe the day will come when we reach that critical mass and the long-awaited great awakening will unfold!