Month: May 2022

Lunar Eclipse and Vesak

Our Helpers want to further elaborate on the themes of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.  The deepest moment of the eclipse is on 16th May at 7.11. am Finnish time (4.11. am UTC). At that moment it’s good to listen to the flow it brings. We once again suggest joining together at the level of spirit. On the same day the Buddhist world celebrates the birth of Buddha ergo Vesak.  The energy of the moment of the eclipse has been condensing for the last two weeks. The energy that was set in motion during the Solar Eclipse has increased in momentum,

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A point of a new beginning

For the last few weeks, we’ve traveled in strong flows that have thrown us a little bit here and there. The sun has been a great transformative factor with its own fierce contribution and has shaken both Mother Earth and people at a rapid pace. The force of the solar eclipse hit our energy fields penetrating all the way to our bodies with might. We’re going to have to endure this turmoil for a while because the solar flares continue and even the moon will eclipse. The last month has brought with it transformative energy and, as always, its purpose

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