Month: October 2022

Changes in vibration, part 2

The energy of change brought by the Solar Eclipse descends on us on the day of the new moon, and the time of the eclipse in Finland is on October 25th in the afternoon. The further east towards the eastern border we go, the deeper the partial eclipse can be seen. The upcoming eclipses mirror the spring eclipses, although the series are in sets. The spring eclipses were a Solar Eclipse on April 30th in Taurus, and a Lunar Eclipse on May 16th in Scorpio, and now in autumn there is a Solar Eclipse on October 25th in Scorpio and a

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Changes in vibration, part 1

In October, the second annual eclipse season begins, and the anticipatory energies are already in the air. The strong energy of the full moon can already be felt, and Mercury also plays its part in the energy charge. To me Mercury represents the messenger of the sun, and what else does our sun talk about now, but the new winds that are blowing toward earth. For a long time, Mercury has been in a sulky mood and will still continue to withdraw into its shell for a few weeks, all the way until mid-October. Since there is no smooth transfer

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Luxia Borealis

All of a sudden we’ve already slipped into October and I really like this time, because it brings with it such energy that aims at calmly settling down and that is so dear to me already from years ago. Such memories, which I can’t even find words for, always lift me up at this time regardless of my anti-solar time. As if I would connect, and I do, through some beautiful gate to my deepest self, to the cosmic energy of love. Those memories take me back to those years and the autumn when that beautiful gate was opened for

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