Month: March 2021

Solar – The moment the Sun returns

The importance of the Solar Return Each year all of us have a moment when the sun, that beloved Bearer of Light and Giver of Life, is at the same point or degree as when we were born. That is the personal moment for each of us when the new, yearlong period, starts. That moment is a beautiful, new possibility to receive a cosmic blessing for the new year. The moment of the Solar Return is not the same as our time of birth but we can calculate it from it for each year. That moment can fall already a

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Spring Equinox 2021

Tuesday 9 March, 2021 This text begins to unravel in the cold and snowy scenery of Kainuu (a region in Eastern Finland). It’s -28 Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit). It’s so cold that this little cottage I’m in is whining and cracking in every corner as the cold squeezes it. The crispy and radiating sunshine makes millions of crystals bounce on the crust of snow. They are responding to the messages from the sun and storing those messages in the crystals that our yellow star is transmitting. The heart and soul are filled with this light and energy that is sparkling everywhere

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