Month: December 2020

Now it’s time! A tremendous December 2020

The waves of the Lunar Eclipse December has begun with a strong flow that accompanied the lunar eclipse on the last day of November. Our Helpers told us that the energy of the lunar eclipse was very much directed towards the physical body working on and opening up the energy channels. This might result in positive but also momentarily unpleasant consequences for the body. When the energy channels open the body might react with pain and ailments. If you continue to take care of yourself those symptoms will pass with time. Now is a good time to do deep stretching,

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Luxia Island 2021

Summer 2021 we once again have the pleasure to offer RETREATS on our lovely island. As accommodation alternatives, there are three rooms for 2 persons in our guesthouse or you can stay on the Jupiter boat that has finally made its way to the sea and offers four cabins of different sizes. The maximum amount of persons for each retreat is 10. We are taking preliminary bookings and reservations already now even though the shadow of the corona is hanging around. Please send your message to 10-14 June 2021 1-5 July 2021 15-19 July 2021 29 July – 2

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