Month: September 2019

Autumnal Equinox 23.9.2019

Friday 20.9.2019 The second equinox of this year will open up on Monday 23.9. at 10.50 am (Finnish time, 7.50 UTC). The autumnal equinox means that the length of the day and night is the same all over the world. It is also a significant moment energetically, and this year’s theme is a balance. A pretty fitting theme when you think about the fact that the day and night will settle into a mutual balance and share the day into half between them.   The theme of balance would like to firmly and with care be part of everyone’s everyday

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Vlog on our trip to England part 1

31.8.2019 – Eija I’m now starting a video blog of our trip to England during which we toured holy places and traveled along the St. Michael’s ley line from end-to-end. On our trip, we connected churches with portals to the Golden Network as well as reopened and cleansed those spots that had gone out. The purpose of our trip was to active this holy and ancient ley line and also experience the power of ancient energy. We also visited Stonehenge and studied crop circles. Here is a video of our first day in England. The video is of trainee level

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