Month: October 2019

Channeling about the energies of this time

27.10.2019 – Eija Firstly, I will let you know that this entry is not yet about the cat but it has more information on the energies of this time. Tomorrow, 28.10. the new moon in Scorpio will open the door to a new time period of revelations. The moment of the new moon falls on the morning at 6.38 Finnish time. The moment of the new moon and its energies will be strengthened this time by the upcoming transit of Mercury in the sign of Scorpio. Today I got to receive powerful information that brought me to a stand by

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Time up until now

Sunday 20.10.2019 – Eija There was once again an energetic moment last week whose effects one could follow around the world and also in the close neighborhood. The black and the white moon were in opposition to each other on 16.10. (you can read more about that via this link ( Two energies opposing each other had an influence mainly at the concrete and reactive level. The feelings are certainly always guiding the actions of people and the energy of these moons mobilized them. The effect of this strong confrontation could be seen for example in the need to defend

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