Month: August 2021

Energy flows in August and September

Wednesday 11.8.2021 Sometimes when the blog tap opens, information starts coming in for many days in a row, especially when/if I have time to receive it and take notes of everything. Today was such a day, and I am grateful for that because once again it is a question of preparing for upcoming energies, each of us of course in our own way. The Lion Gate and the David’s Star that preceded it with its fire and air triangles were the power points of August. From there began a deep, transforming process for many. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your

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Winds on the island

Tuesday 10.8.2021 Once again this writing comes from the rocky island escorted by a gentle wind. The topic of reflection is the past summer and its dramatic energies and events. I have never studied weather forecasts before, it has been enough to see the weather in the morning. But living on an island has inevitably changed that. It has been necessary to study and observe changes in the weather and the new winds. Summer retreats have brought new and old friends to us and we have had the responsibility for their safe journey to and from the island. It has

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