The Black Moon and the White Moon

Here is the astrological overview from Russia.


PAVELL GLOBA’S prognosis for the year ahead. (Russian astro-tv)

This is a very rare phenomena which astrologists have researched very little. Ancient Persian astrologists have studied the event. Two so called fictive planets, the White moon and theBlack moon, are facing each other, in opposition. The phenomenon arises every 33rd year and ancient civilizations associated this with a so called ”ethical imperative”, or rather, the struggle between good and evil. This can often be seen as concrete events on Earth. The struggle between the Good and the Evil, the troops of the Angels and satanic forces.

The White moon – Selena, Arta – the path of the Light, has an astrological cycle of about 7 years.

The Black moon- Lilith, Drudzh – the rise of satanic lies, twisting of the truth, has an så cycle of about 9 years.

The time between the oppositions (33 years) prompts thoughts of the life span of Jesus.

Once again we live in such times and the current ongoing series of oppositions started September 18, 2018.

The phenomena is reflected on Earth as deviant apocalyptic events, critical points, when humans will be forced to choose between good and evil and humanity will have to choose the next crucial step.

A few examples of  previous times when the phenomenon has been active: March 1917 led to political turmoils- the end of World War I, revolutions, the bisection of the world in 1951 with the Korean war, the death of Stalin and changing the order, the fall of the socialist camp in 1985, new political individuals and rules of the game, etc.

Previously in history we have seen the fall of Rome, the emergence of Islam, natural disasters and epidemics, in connection with corresponding oppostions. The new order that has emerged has not always been ideal, but always distinctly different.

Which new rules of the game will emerge as a result of this oppositional period? A series of oppositions that continue until the beginning of the year 2020 have now started. In other words, those ”game rules” that came into effect in 1985 are now changing (will change before 2020)-humanity is moving towards a new world that is dominated by new power holders and a different set of rules. What will this world be like? It should be clear in the near future.

The planets have formed a Large Cross in conjunction with the lunar nodes, which makes the events even more fateful. The energy of Mars also join this pattern, which brings not only war energy but also a forceful need to change things. A want to live differently, to search for new paths and new standards is awakened in people. Also note the opposition of Mars a few months ago. We can expect qualitative changes in the states’ structures during the year 2019 and until the beginning of 2020.

The final adjustment of the changes will be made year 2020-2021 when Jupiter and Saturn are joined in the sign of Aquarius, i.e. in the same sign that the oppositions between the Black moon and the White moon will take place.

It is possible that events will intensify and bring catastrophic changes, compare to 1917-1918 when an identical cross also stood on the heavens.

Before such big changes as these, signs and warmings will often be given. For example, in the year 1917 there was a five month long period when Our Lady of  Fátima (the Virgin Mary) appeared before three children and many saw  light phenomena (there are many descriptions of this). Our Lady of Fátima gave us three messages, of which the last one has not been published-is it perhaps a warning?!

With the help of strengthened ”defence”, in the form of prayers and other such things, we can steer this chain of events in a more favourable direction even though this big Cross of the Heavens has already been formed.

Important dates when The Black and The White moon are in direct opposition with each other:

December 15, 2018

January 6, 2019 NB! Coincides with the solar eclipse!!

March 24, 2019

June 16, 2019

October 16, 2019

December 24, 2019 (before the solar eclipse December 26)

March 2, 2020 the oppositions are over finitely, until then an unstable time period.

The following oppositional period between the Black moon and the White moon starts March 20, 2050. The link to Youtube :