The energy in the heart of summer

Once again a year has passed from the celebration of Mother Earth which this year opens up beautifully already early in the morning on June 21. at 6.32 Finnish time (3.32 UTC). We here up north get to enjoy the midnight sun as the sun gives us the longest day and light of the year. Already from ancient times has humanity had groups that have recognized that day and the uniqueness of the moment and prepared for it with great devotion. The groups of dedicated ones gathered at holy places to perform their rituals and give respect to Mother Earth. A higher idea brought conscious souls to join together for the holy moment. At that moment the Solar system unlocked its secret books for the dedicated to read and perform their duties with the help of the descending light to uphold holy lines and portal points.

Those were the days… humanity has been allowed to travel a long way downhill and so little remains of that most profound and holy wisdom that the summer solstice unlocks to planet earth and its inhabitants. Shallow are the gatherings and the focus is on celebrating Midsummer.

This year’s celebration opens up with gratefulness towards Mother Earth. Humanity has an agreement with the spirit of Mother Earth and so patiently has she endured and helped us and taken care of her end of the agreement. She is ascending as she should but does the human consciousness ascend, develop at all?

Major doubt surfaces. Humanity has focused on technology, science and upholding and increasing the personal desires of individuals. More cravings and desires are created all over and through that competition. So much illusion of selfishness and egocentricity has been created at the collective level, that it’s just short of exploding. Who sees, can open up the eyes to study all that is happening around. That disease that politicians and the establishment and the media intensify. Or how individuals highlight themselves through photos and reality tv. Or how the opinion and comment columns are constantly flooded with inappropriate, dirty, and degrading views that are presented under the refuge of freedom of speech, only increasing negativity. A massive question arises, where is wisdom, goodwill, where is the aim of working together? Where do you find the limit of exploitation, when is the amount of hatred enough, and where lies the final gate of insanity in this world of selfishness?

We are living in a very distorted world and view of the world. My trust lies on all those single individuals that see through the surface and push their own desires aside and engage in doing good deeds. All of you that see your neighbor in distress and start thinking how you could help or cheer them up. I put my trust in all of you that love this home of ours, Mother Earth, and do your best to sustain its energy. With small deeds, plentiful prayers, and with the right, pure intentions. We have each other in this work crusading with the force of Light. Not to fight evil with evil but uprooting it from ourselves, day by day, with the help of the Light and its Masters.

I have traveled together with Mother Earth for thousands of lifetimes. The love has deepened, so has gratitude, but also the pain for the suffering of dear Mother, a spirit friend. Each soul inhabiting a body on this earth owns Mother Earth the elements that she gave to our bodies. And we repay that energy by connecting to the Highest and drawing from that source to Mother Earth through our bodies.

Let us sit at that greatest moment of Light with our star Sun and transmit holy energy of gratitude and love to our home that is barely surviving. Let us pray together for all beings, together and apart all over the world.

Already a hundred years ago, concerned thoughts were written on the direction of humanity and destroying other souls and our home planet also here in Finland. There was a wish to stop that detrimental direction and bring salvation through old, revived wisdom and guidance. At that time a holy temple was created by our great visionary at the ethereal level from which we could acquire wisdom and true knowledge here. We do not need to go fish further than the sea but concentrate on our own country and its deep ancient knowledge. We have a strong foundation of truth created here, a common path for the whole of humanity. We can be the ones that live it truly, pioneers and powerful examples. And once again by joining together without segregation, without judgment, only with the same goal and tools to go forwards with without anyone having the need to be better than the others. The tools are updated and we get to depend on them.

The ones with ears, let them hear. The ones with a heart, let them take action.

Have a rewarding, holy summer solstice moment.