Changes in vibration, part 2

The energy of change brought by the Solar Eclipse descends on us on the day of the new moon, and the time of the eclipse in Finland is on October 25th in the afternoon. The further east towards the eastern border we go, the deeper the partial eclipse can be seen. The upcoming eclipses mirror the spring eclipses, although the series are in sets. The spring eclipses were a Solar Eclipse on April 30th in Taurus, and a Lunar Eclipse on May 16th in Scorpio, and now in autumn there is a Solar Eclipse on October 25th in Scorpio and a Lunar Eclipse on November 8th in Taurus. In other words, it could be summed up that the direction that started in the spring is now being reviewed, and let life teach what it still has to teach you in terms of your development.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio doesn’t necessarily either bring just joy to our lives, but now we already know how to deal with everything in the right way. After all, we’ve been practicing all summer. No matter how much you want to put stones in your pockets and jump into deep water, it would be better to choose otherwise. The danger of sinking into oneself and staying deep is now existent. These things are now so strongly in the making and have been that for almost half a year. The intention since the spring eclipse has also been to let go of black-and-white thinking and chewing over issues. It is still better to stay firmly in the bright helm of your bark and steer it wisely past the reefs and take the responsibility for arriving at the new port. After all, it is also about that, that we are all meant to create a stable and sustainable ground for ourselves, from which to live our own spiritual transformation. This is also a path of trust. The deepening of inner clarity and personal guidance is now very possible, provided that you avoid the temptations of drama, and no longer believe in their power. Many themes that started in the spring touch on the issue of your place among others, and human relationships and their “twists” towards one direction or another may still come up. Again, it’s a good point to examine where is it that your own fence stands now or if others can move it at their will for the fun of it. Of course, it can be the other way around, that you yourself are not able to resist drawing lines in the lives of others according to your own desires. Often it’s about both sides, as with backpacks in general. The coin has two sides that both need to be considered.

At the time of the eclipse, a new direction will activate, also at the global level, and that’s why we need a large group of people that strive towards Light, who could at that moment connect to a purer level and anchor its energy to the earth through their bodies. This is an invitation to all of you to help Mother Earth and humanity, for indeed we are living in a critical time regarding the future of all humanity. Once again, it is good to welcome the moment of the eclipse consciously and aim at getting away from the state of the concrete world.

In many optimistic writings, in the new age style, it is said that humanity is now living in a strong time of ascension. There is also a lot of talk about the 5D reality, where part of humanity already lives. I know from experience that these are the kind of thoughts that many people trying to change their own lives don’t understand or digest, and that also has its own drawbacks. Now would be the time to open up those views a little, so that no image of passivity would remain, with which one could only wait for that ascension.

The 3D world is a world of form, of concrete level which is like the mirror of energy created at the higher level. It is energy that humanity has created in the 4D dimension throughout the ages. Neither of these levels is what the human soul-spirit entity really is at its purest, and that is of course good to remember. The 4D dimension is the energy created by thoughts and feelings, and in order for humanity to give its own spirit, i.e. 5D energy, the possibility to flow down to the concrete level, the 4D needs to be pure. This is how the energy laws work, and the purpose of our learning here on earth is to understand that big picture and pull one’s own weight so that the 5D vibration could one day become true also at a concrete level. It’s wonderful that there are souls in human bodies in the world who are already able to vibrate at that pure 5D level, where one’s own feelings or thoughts can no longer manifest at their negative level, and there is no longer one’s own desires or the vibration of the ego.

Many who have worked on themselves on the spiritual path for a long time can reach that pure state for example through meditation, but very few are, for the time being, able to shine permanently in that state of unconditional love, wisdom, and boundless compassion. Of course, those who are able to be in that state even sometimes, create a higher world in our midst. So, the idea that there would be some kind of “another” positive world, separate from the concrete level, in which only a selected few already now live, is a delusion, but the purpose of humanity is to bring that pure vibration, the 5D world to earth through their own bodies. Supported by Buddhist wisdom, it can be said that all apparitions and visual experiences of higher worlds, which can be experienced for example in meditation, are the product of the mind. Instead, the pure, clear state of awareness, where oneness and unconditional love is present, is the state that brings the higher world through the meditator’s body to the dimension where the body is. And that vibration is now badly needed. If you can’t even momentarily be in a pure state, where you don’t have your own thoughts, desires, or feelings, you can’t say you’re in the 5D world.

Simply; in order for us to live a higher and “ascended” life on earth, we have to do our part so that the 4D world is cleansed of low feelings and thoughts and so the 5D energy can flow through us to this level. That divine, bright level of creation does exist, and our agreement with Mother Earth is to bring that heaven to earth. That is our school in this physical world and we progress together from grade to grade until all souls have reached the state of manifesting pure Love through their bodies. Then the agreement has been fulfilled and a new 5D life has been born on earth.

Whenever higher cosmic energy flows into this space to make our work easier, it is good to accept that help. Eclipses are usually a great push in that direction and it is good to prepare for them in order to have as clean a 4D state as possible at that moment. The more people there are who are able to transmit that unconditional love to our world without the influence of ego, the more the vibration will rise and it will eventually be visible at a concrete level as well.

The Helpers always say that don’t get caught up in your own delusion, which is created by your feelings, thoughts, opinions, and programmings, but try to cleanse their energy and through that, you can see clearly. 3D is an illusion for the very reason that everyone has their own 4D energy, through which they see and create the world, to which they are stuck exactly via their thoughts and feelings. And they again prevent achieving reality, i.e. the pure 5D level. Through that pure level, the concrete world would change and the purpose of humanity would be fulfilled.

A little polishing even at the level of behavior and strong behavioral models is offered to each of us so that your own energy state could settle permanently to a higher level. Fluctuating with emotions eats up our vitality, and now is the opportunity to give the reins more to your Highest Self, so that the strength of Light and inner strength could guide you. This also requires a decision to let go of the desire to manage and control both yourself and others.

Two weeks from the Solar Eclipse arrives the moment of the Lunar Eclipse, which will bring us the results of the previous eclipse and new directions. We continue on the very important path of liberation.

I’ll get back to the Lunar Eclipse soon.