The First Leg in Poland

Tuesday June 11th, 2024

The morning in Poland dawned for us in a small, cozy guest house in the town of Elk. A hearty breakfast was a nice change and with that, we headed towards Bialystok passing by the local church. The name had already been given to us at home when we were planning the route of the journey. The plan was to go to the churches to leave flyers and possibly talk to someone who would be there. But when we arrived in town, we found that all the churches in the town center were packed to the brim with people, so getting inside was impossible.

We sat in a café on the edge of the square and had lunch, thinking that the overcrowding would probably clear away and we would soon be able to visit inside the church. We were wrong because the crowds just kept changing and increasing. Entire families, and especially many children and well-dressed young people headed happily towards the church. We wondered and tried to find out what was going on or whether it was just usual here to spend Saturdays in church. We didn’t get an answer and eventually had to go on without visiting churches. We connected also this town to the light network for peace. Fortunately, we found a very large and beautiful church just outside the town, where there was only one young man in dedicated prayer. This church now became the beacon church for the whole area.

As we drove on, we wondered why that town had been given in advance and why we thought the job had failed a bit, because we didn’t reach the churches nor the people. Certainly, we had already realized that English was not the right language to communicate with Poles, which would have required either competence in Polish or Russian which we did not have. Something else was also bothering us about the atmosphere in this country, which seemed harsh and somehow oppressive compared to previous countries. Perhaps living as a border neighbor of Ukraine can already be felt in the general energy and attitudes of people. We also quickly realized that it is pointless to expect friendly service or a smile.

The reason for our visit was finally revealed later that day when I started googling the history of the town. The place had been a base or command center for the SS men in that area which had left that strange, haunting energy. Light work through churches can now do its work in that place to change the energy.

We then drove towards Treblinka and the camp there. There were no buildings left and nothing that would have given a clear indication of its history. The area was quite large and we set off walking, amazed that we didn’t really feel anything. Only a heavy feeling in our throats and heart centers told us that the energy in the area was very low. I felt like I was in a soft barrel, looking at my surroundings with neutral eyes. I had expected a strong reaction or a cry, but my sensitivity to sense the invisible was shut off. I quickly realized that it was necessary, as I don’t think anyone could survive in such a place if all the horrors, pain, and atrocities of the place were opened to the inner eyes. Again, I could trust the protection from the Helpers and see that they truly do see the big picture and the potential harm long before we had even set off on our journey. They were taking care of us, as they always do.

The site had the remains of an old railway line, as well as a station platform where the victims were forcibly pushed to when the train stopped at its last station. The standing stones stood as memorials to the many towns from which those unfortunates had been forcefully taken. We could read the names of villages and towns from all over Europe. One point in that area slightly opened my protection bubble and I immediately felt a tremendous pain that almost burst into a moan. A cry came from somewhere very deep, the force of which cannot be put into words. Fortunately, the moment passed quickly and we knew that a great portal of Light had to be opened in that area to help those who were still there in the darkness trying to find a way out of their suffering.

After about an hour we returned to our campervan. We had opened two light pillars in that area and then started asking the Helpers about our experiences there in Treblinka.

First of all, a lot of prayer and cleansing work has been done in the area over the decades by many priests and Helpers. Secondly, the Lords of the World of Light have lifted the innocent as soon as they have left their bodies. Grace has stepped in in the face of great suffering. It was further said that there is like a second layer or rather a plane in the region which is closed off from the Earth and from there those who awaken to seek the light are still being lifted. Grace is involved here together with great love and compassion for suffering souls. We were there to help those who were still trapped in the realm of Earth and to close the places where intense pain reached the Earth from that other plane. The energy footprint left on the earth was only weak because it was not maintained except by the energy of the people who visit the place. For example, intense hatred towards the perpetrators and all its people still maintains the low energy of the place.

It goes without saying, that we cannot accept an act or a plan, that progressed through very systematic destruction. We must therefore understand what is evil, but if we ever want to free ourselves from the cycle of war, we must not respond to evil with evil, because that only increases its intensity. So what to think or do in the face of these terrible things? The Helpers showed me on a concrete level by keeping me protected so that I could look at the things and objects around me neutrally. That is not indifference, but it is seeing things as they are. Compassion is then involved, but one’s feelings do not add to the power of the evil that has occurred.  Each of us should ask for cleansing for our own feelings and thoughts so that we do not increase badness to the world that eventually springs into action from some souls’ own evil vibration.

I prayed the prayer of Jesus and asked for the awakening of the Sacred Heart, for Love to fill everyone’s heart and soul, and for loving encounters and consideration with our neighbors. In every church and every place we visited, this prayer was and will continue to be repeated. In this way, each of us can create a new vibration, a power of goodness, wherever we go.

The journey in Poland continues and more about that later.