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The First Leg in Poland

Tuesday June 11th, 2024 The morning in Poland dawned for us in a small, cozy guest house in the town of Elk. A hearty breakfast was a nice change and with that, we headed towards Bialystok passing by the local church. The name had already been given to us at home when we were planning the route of the journey. The plan was to go to the churches to leave flyers and possibly talk to someone who would be there. But when we arrived in town, we found that all the churches in the town center were packed to the

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Lithuania Travelogue

Tuesday June 11th, 2024 Lithuania June 7th-8th, 2024 We arrived in Lithuania in the evening and started our adventure there towards the camping area where we had reserved a place for the car. On our way, it started raining, and to accompany it there were roadworks ahead of us, which Google provided a good way around. As we knew that the reception of the accommodation closed at 22:00, we happily headed for the detour so that we would at least arrive in time. The detour started narrow but paved, but after five kilometers it turned into a dirt road, that

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Experiences from Latvia

Posted on June 9th, 2024 Today marks the fifth day of our trip and we are now in Poland. I’ve been meaning to blog more often, but our days have stretched so long that I’ve just fallen asleep as soon as the car has arrived at our destination for the evening. Today I’ll tell you how our trip went after Estonia. After finishing our work in Tartu, we entered Latvia by driving through Vöru in Estonia. We arrived deep in the neighboring country late in the evening to spend the night. In Latvia, we stayed at a free travel park

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