The fragrances and winds of summer

This summer has been very different from the previous summers that were filled with travel. It has contained work like before but in a different way than in a long time.

I spent the beginning of spring in Vaasa, giving hospice care to my mother and after my return from there, I went almost directly to the island. Luxia Island has been an empowering place to unravel the feelings from spring, the thoughts on seeing my mother off, this time on the island has also been heavenly for the body.

The island is amazing. All the elements are present there, giving strength to heal and become whole and bringing oneself to the present moment. Again and again, the island invites you to take a good look, smell and wonder the fragrances, take deep breaths and receive the nurturing care of the sun.

We are constantly receiving heavenly signs, even at our request, and therefore the confidence in the presence of Upstairs has strengthened for so many that have spent time on the island. Nature and Mother Earth work with us in such a beautiful and visible way there.

Whitetail eagle or golden eagle fly over. One can find a tail feather on the path just when the thoughts are getting restless. A snake shows up just when somebody is thinking about his path of change. At the bond next to the Buddha statue, you can feel the whisper of the wind and get answers or you can see a star falling directly to the sea in the evening sky. Just when you posed the question.

The island has now plant boxes where different herbs, zucchini, beans, and many other lovely edibles are blossoming. My joyous project; to plant, touch the soil, and finally harvest the crops directly to the table. Although there has been little rain this summer, the crops have flourished. Perhaps the songs of the birds, the wind, and the sun have made them believe in themselves in such a wonderful way that they are reaching over all the edges of the boxes. My beloved plants.

I have also cleared a raspberry jungle between the rocks to a flower bed as therapy work and now the chokeberries flourish there. I found a jasmine plant to the memory of my mother that also found its spot and yesterday it opened her first fragrant flower after being brought to the island.

We have also started creating a rose garden with Patrick. Roses bloom close to the heart for both of us. The island has given us wonderful pictures and the joy of creation.

All this has also been to the delight of our course participants and home folks. After all, our island has been purchased for everyone’s pleasure, for everyone and all. That’s why it offers so much care and strength to all its guests.

When a plan, whatever it might be, contains a broad idea to bring joy, growth, and benefit to as many people as possible, the heavenly forces are always involved in helping and also giving their signs. When the plan serves as many people as possible, not just your own family, it also serves the divine. Our idea behind creating this retreat place was precisely that: let our place be to the service of all the seekers and let it be a blessing to all.

We hope that one day you will find your way to Luxia and get to experience all this yourself. Next summer will certainly bring new experiences and new strength to the fortune of all of us.

I will be back soon with new winds, autumn will soon knock at the door and bring strong energies with it. Wishing you strength and light in the near future.