Highpoints of autumn

This serving comes from the last day of our “vacation trip”. We have been traveling around Åland Islands, middle and southern Finland for well over a week in an RV. Exploring many bruk areas (early industrial society areas), manor houses, and a little bit for a new home. We don’t have a specific direction or point in time yet for the next place. There are visions but they are not set.

It’s not the easiest for a community as big as this to move but the Helpers are definitely doing their job and preparing for the transition as best they can. Selling the old and delivering of the new.

A change like this and the creation of a new place is also connected energetically to many people and the energy of many souls. Everybody’s energy should be in harmony regarding this issue in order to achieve the best possible outcome. It’s a great challenge for everybody. The Helpers have also plans at the individual level and only time will tell if they come true. We have confidence even if it takes time. Our work continues and the autumn unfolds with that.

The first energy opening falls on autumnal equinox which falls on 22. September at 4.30 pm Finnish time (1.30 pm UTC). This time the theme is the holy truth and wisdom and awakening them. The wisdom to live a life that develops and elevates to bring a balance to the daily life and the holy truth will show the direction to strive for. These may sound as fancy words and maybe void but that is not the meaning. Instead, it would be good to ponder what they stand for in your own life. For me, it’s striving towards a higher vibration, a higher understanding of what it is to be a human on earth. The aim is to reach a higher state where one does not shudder or change no matter what kind of challenges life brings forward. Instead, the true purpose of everything is what will eventually shed light on even the darkest moment. You can practice that in your daily life all the time by being present and taking notice of how your being, your energy body, field reacts to inner and outer impulses. We all have that holy state, a Divine spark in our system, that we can strengthen by cleansing lower feelings and thoughts together with engaging in such wise exercises that support the connection to our Highest Self.

”Know yourself and your spark will become stronger.”

The moment of the equinox craves for a strong rock beneath you preferably high up reaching for the heights. Strive up with all your might towards the fountain of wisdom and spiritual truth from where the holy information is now poured on us.

The next moment is the lunar eclipse on 30. November at 11.44 am Finnish time (9.44 am UTC). This is a strong eclipse and its’ meaning is to highlight and bring forwards all insecurities and doubts that need to be cleansed. They are related to spirituality and the purpose or the purposelessness of the spiritual path. I will cure my doubts and insecurities with the help of the right information and the truth.

The energy of doubt has already been lifting its head during the entire hot summer and has taken many down the spiral towards the ordinary humanness. It still attracts as it is familiar and feels safe because it is a vibration/energy that surrounds us everywhere and has already existed for many generations. Certainly, it carried its own possibility of growth and you can of course choose that. You can choose the path and the speed that suits you. The Divine powers never blame, judge, or say to anybody that they have failed. On the contrary, those feelings and thoughts come from ourselves. It might, of course, be that our souls cry when the direction changes to something that does not develop us so much and then we suffer from that.

Those insecurities arising now are for many, that have already chosen a path, a spiritual challenge that must be faced so trust can become stronger. Trust in the forces that carry us and trust in the help of Upstairs and Helpers of Light. It might become a problem for us that the help does not come in the form we were expecting or have tried to create. It’s starting to be a big problem that we begin to believe that we are not being helped if we don’t get what we want. Let the theme of the autumnal equinox there come to our rescue. The wisdom to see broader and from the perspective of spiritual development. May the wisdom in me increase and balance deepen. It’s a possibility for great change and therefore being aware and awake from here on out will bring results.

“I recognize God and have trust in my experiences.”

Once again Mother Earth will support us also during the eclipse and we can reach for the heights trusting the power of the earth.

It’s an excellent time to join together to create a better future for humanity, gather a stronger power, and an ability to together succeed in that which is harder alone. The theme of unification and sense of community on earth is now the sustainable and the right theme that can change the direction of development.

With Love,

E&P together with all the magnificent Helpers of Light. Thank you, thank you, thank you.