New Moon in Libra

For all of you that have been suffering through challenges during the latest two weeks, I can joyously announce that the new Moon will bring with it new energy and new, more spacious conditions. The oppressive energy of the full Moon seasoned with the energy of Mars might indeed have been a difficult time for many. That is to say hidden unpleasant emotions and past experiences were trying to get to the surface fast and manifested as unpleasant emotional experiences, crying and fears. Old behavioral models in which one either defends oneself or becomes the victim were present in many situations related to interpersonal relationships. Thus, these past weeks have given a wonderful opportunity to work on these old patterns to get rid of them or at least to take notice that oops, was this how easily this role took over in my behavior once again.

No worries, now, once again it’s time to create new. When you have learned from the before mentioned issues and cleansed the feelings related to them, it’s time for the new. The new Moon in Libra means broad, kindhearted understanding and joy, bringing lightness to your daily life and also the life of others. Now is a good time to learn to look at things from everybody’s perspective, instead of from the area of your own little navel. Lightness to face yourself and even smile at how seriously you take yourself and your experiences. The same applies to those detrimental models, they can be changed! Not by forcing harshly but instead by accepting what is. And when you have recognized your behavioral models in certain situations, it is easy to bring the change to the concrete level.

Why changing is worth your while?

The need to change is the reason why souls reincarnate on Earth over and over again. Many past lives have molded us into those personalities that we now are. This already is a thing we easily forget in our daily life and together with that we forget the compassion towards ourselves and also others. Our personality is the sum of all we have experienced and it can be seen also through numerology and astrology. BUT, it does not mean we should remain like that, on the contrary, the meaning is to heal the wounds from past lives and this life, to make the change that each life offers us through different events and encounters.

The past and the experiences we have gone through have been recorded to our soul as energy/memory. In different situations that past manifests in the way we react to other people, their words, feelings, etc. The feelings related to our reactions then drive our behavior and come out as words but also actions. If we are not aware of what is happening in us, we are neither able to influence what we experience and nor how we react to it. That is to say, we live our life guided by emotions and that takes us more towards suffering, towards those same excruciating emotional experiences that we so would like to avoid. In order for us to experiences peace, trust, and joy in all situations, we must change ourselves. The broader view on change then again tells us that we bring that change to the world because when we have changed we do not spread nor unload our own fear or our distorted view of the situation on other people. In that regard, we can stop the wheel from spinning. Using Buddhist words we collect positive karma by changing ourselves towards a positive direction and therefore do not increase the karma that leads to suffering.

How to make a change?

All of you that have been following my blog writings are familiar with my experiences and the path I’m on and also teach to others. It is not new teaching nor a direction, rather it has been compiled from all the teachings that humanity has been given through the millennia so that the change of humanity could be possible. The teaching aims at cleansing your own soul’s memory through being aware. In daily life, the work is done by resorting to higher powers by asking help. I’m aware that many modern trends think this is an outdated and even bad idea by arguing that we are meant to trust ourselves and strengthen our own power and remain in our own center. I agree with that and for that reason, I love this method as it strengthens all of the above. When we pray for help and cleansing for example from angels or Christ, we get connected to the source of great power and Light through them. We are filled up by the brightness that they extend to us. Eventually, we will reach a state where we get closer to that vibration ourselves and then the wounds in us are healed and no strong detrimental reactions will come to the surface. I thankfully always return to that thought of how my own path became clearer and all the good that my soul also carries became stronger when I started working actively with the forces of Light.

I’m still on the same path but I have already changed a lot. I’m not finished and I still get to face my wounds but regardless of the feelings arising I face them with joy because they enable me to change. Those lower emotions rarely rule my life, on the contrary, I thankfully take notice that the guidance from Light is often greater than the emotions distorting the truth. Honestly speaking my biological children are the most painful points as through them I still get to mirror my own vulnerability and fears that show up as feelings. However, I have developed and I don’t remain to lay in my wounds thinking that they are forever or even true. I have been blessed with children that are aware and we can fairly openly face each other’s wounds and incompleteness and at the same time see also the beauty that each carries.

As you might remember, I live in a big community where there are also young adults and also a few children. I’m a mother also to them, that helps, listens, and even guides in daily life. I carry a spiritual responsibility also of them and my own example is important. I dare to be weak also with them and show my own incompleteness but also the strength that I carry. A world in which we could trust each other and rely on each other’s support regardless of how tough our experiences in all our lives have been, is something I want to co-create. That is something we practice every day and that is also one of the spiritual goals of this path. Even if there is no need to highlight or mention that this is my truth, my experience, I will do it once again because that might remove the possibility of misunderstanding, where one experiences me saying that this is the only truth or that I take judgment on other paths. I don’t do that, but I either don’t spend much time studying the many alternatives that are offered at present times. I have studied many paths, sounded out many trends and fads but have only covered a few, and my experience tells me than simplicity, logicality, and even being prosaic are signs of the truth. Working with the Light in your daily life… of course, in addition to that, deeper spiritual exercises on a daily basis to support the flow of energy in the finer bodies and eventually in the physical body.

Let’s return to the new Moon on October 16th at 22.32 Finnish time (19.32 UTC). It’s a good day to concentrate on creating big or small directions to your life. See, feel how all the rebirth opens up to life. You can also fantasize in a group how we together go forward creating good and bring a new direction to all of us. New Moon meditations are highly recommended and this is a good moment for one.  

On that day I will be moving my 90-year old dad most likely for his last time. After my mother’s death this spring my dad has been undergoing a big change he was faced with. It was not easy to accept the change as he had 67 shared years under his belt with a spouse. He has undergone many changes in his life but usually had to face them by force.  When change is voluntary, you can take it as a consequence of your own development or at least as a signal of what you could examine and develop in yourself so that the change would not create so much pain. That is a teaching that has not been given to the generation of my dad, instead, life has been experienced as a hard struggle. What else, for the children of war. Fortunately, we can bring that spiritual point of view to life, be an example of a new time and the new possibilities to see this moment and time.

Once again a long text was directed here but I wish that in some way, at some level it helps you to also believe and trust and reach towards liberation and your true self.

With Love, together with the Helpers of Light, Eija.