Solar Eclipse 2.7.2019

Sunday 30.6.2019 – Eija

There will be a total solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer lighting the sky on 2.7. which unfortunately cannot be seen here in Finland. As always before, there are themes related to the eclipse that will be reflected on earth through that event. The latest week has surely already shown the energies of the coming eclipse as they have been slowly streaming down also to our world. A strong theme of curing/healing of past lives is rising to the surface…

The sensitive, vulnerable and fearful sides of us have been the target of a wake-up. The purpose is to take notice of them and find ways to heal them. It would be good to recognize the mechanisms and programmings that have been driving those sides until now and disable them by transforming them with wisdom and compassion. There is no need to protect or hide your vulnerability from others but to accept and understand both yourself and the entirety by considering them from a wider perspective.

Victim energy, helplessness, aggression/defensiveness, running away from situations and/or hiding behind a bulwark all have a splendid chance to be left behind. This can surely be done through honesty, truth, compassion, and courage. And of course by asking for help and cleansing for yourself! “I can be myself” is a good mantra for these days.

We all have our own burdens and they become visible in their own way. There is no need to speculate or analyze other people’s problems; it is enough to take care of yourself. By loving your weak points, you can change them to strength. That is the gift self-knowledge and self-acceptance can bring you. There is no need to seek acceptance of yourself or of how you cure your wounds from outside. I will have the courage to give my opinion by speaking truthfully and compassionately and expressing myself gracefully. The possibility of becoming whole follows automatically when you honestly become aware of yourself and insights will lead to new practices.

I see myself truthfully, let go and ask for help from my wonderful angels and my other Helpers of Light. I trust and have faith! In myself and my divine support and assistance.

The entirety of body-soul-spirit is now seeking to become whole and through that finding its own individual way of manifesting itself. “I don’t have to hide because I have been wounded in so many lives and I’m still a work in progress; instead I can just be my authentic self and show also the others the way towards the Light through being my own honest example. The vulnerability that I carry can be lit up to strength and deeper seeing. I can open up to receiving high energy flows and make my sensitivity shift towards serving.” Or in other words: “I become available to be a channel of service.”

The victim energies can finally be left behind because with the help of Light I can change my wounds of so many past lives to wisdom and compassion, and with them help others.

So the strong theme of change continues and we can be present to receive a new pure flow of energy to our being and through that also to Mother Earth. Mother Earth, the nurturing, sensitive, and compassionate consciousness, is strongly present during this eclipse. It is good to dedicate this eclipse and the day also to her.  

The day of the eclipse falls on the blessed last day of Saga Dawa which is a holy month for the Buddhists. During the month of Saga Dawa, all good deeds and spiritual practices are multiplied by many thousands.

So the moment of the eclipse foresees a culmination of energies on that day even if the work has certainly been in progress already during the last weeks.

The zero hour, which means the maximum moment of the eclipse, is at 22.22 hours in Finland but it is good to be on alert already a few hours before that moment. Or even dedicate your concentration to this issue for the durance of the whole day.

Even if the eclipse cannot be seen here in the North, its impact falls also onto us and that impact is strong. The delicate, pure flow that can change us to strong Warriors of Light with all our gifts together with wisdom.

Phew, I wait for the coming Tuesday with great eagerness. I hope that so do you! The next eclipse follows in a couple of weeks. Then it is time for the eclipse of the moon.