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Now it’s time! A tremendous December 2020

The waves of the Lunar Eclipse December has begun with a strong flow that accompanied the lunar eclipse on the last day of November. Our Helpers told us that the energy of the lunar eclipse was very much directed towards the physical body working on and opening up the energy channels. This might result in positive but also momentarily unpleasant consequences for the body. When the energy channels open the body might react with pain and ailments. If you continue to take care of yourself those symptoms will pass with time. Now is a good time to do deep stretching,

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Solar Eclipse 2.7.2019

Sunday 30.6.2019 – Eija There will be a total solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer lighting the sky on 2.7. which unfortunately cannot be seen here in Finland. As always before, there are themes related to the eclipse that will be reflected on earth through that event. The latest week has surely already shown the energies of the coming eclipse as they have been slowly streaming down also to our world. A strong theme of curing/healing of past lives is rising to the surface… The sensitive, vulnerable and fearful sides of us have been the target of a wake-up.

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