Autumnal Equinox on 23 September, 2023

Autumnal Equinox on 23 September, 2023 at 9:49 Finnish time (6.49 UTC).

The autumnal Equinox starts a new cycle of higher vibration, the purpose of which is to raise human consciousness towards an even more creative and loving step. As you know, all development progresses in its own rhythm, step by step towards that core, which is pure Divine Light and Love. Bringing that vibration to the Earth is the personal plan of each soul, which is now again being supported with a new impulse.

This new small cycle within the big cycles is significant because its work is focused on no longer so much to dig, but to bring out the pure Divine essence, in all of us. It now requires little more than the great will to work towards it within our innermost. The tools are already given to you.

Our heart center is thus again in an emphasized point when we welcome the Equinox.

For Saturday’s moment of the Equinox, we can still review our direction, which force or energy guides our life. Do I move towards what increases Light and Love in my heart, or do I still make choices through which I get the opportunity to experience something that represents the absence of Light in me. As has been told, our development progresses step by step according to our choices made also at the individual level.

We have been living a period of time in the depths of the soul, so that we could through it once again learn, what are the obstacles to experiencing goodness, beauty, joy, and gratitude in our own lives. It has been the time to check once again what we could release from ourselves in order to be spiritually free, HIGH BEINGS OF LIGHT. We have gone deep during this summer so that we could reach from there to where true joy, creativity, and beauty will have the opportunity to blossom through us. We have worked throughout ourselves so that more and more people could approach us admiring our flowers and be inspired by their beauty.

The moment of the Equinox is a breath of higher vibration from the Great Source of Creation in our galaxy. That’s why even this moment and chance is our opportunity to, in a way, pull ourselves a little higher to the next step. It is good to remember that nothing happens automatically, on the contrary, the Creative Source needs our intention and effort in order for It to work in our favor.

There is still an ever-growing tendency to no longer reach out for ourselves, but to feel that the self is all of us, all of creation together. We create together, for the good of all and indeed through our own spiritual work.

This moment brings together once again those who are in the vanguard in our galaxy bringing change to Earth, for they have been given a commitment and awakened knowledge of the direction described in the books of Light. As humanity, we have a development plan that we are reaching towards, and once again we can get support for it when the Autumnal Equinox reaches us. But each moment we still have free choice and how we fulfill it, and at that point we are reminded of our responsibility related to working with the Light.

Again, it is thankful to be able to bring this creative power through our physical body into everyday life and to make Love become true in reality. Let’s see each other once again at the H-hour where our true home is for all, and unite with a strong joint energy.