A new cycle from the Equinox

Today, March 20th, 2024, early at 5:06 am was the moment of the vernal equinox, when a new cycle opened up along with new energy on Earth. Thank you also for this outpouring, and help, which now carried the energy of love-wisdom.

I’ve sometimes heard thoughts that it’s totally pointless to blog about the same things year after year since it doesn’t matter what cycles or supposed outpourings come to Earth. All the same, nothing will change. If you look at the concrete world, it can feel like that. But is it so, or is it nonetheless changing all the time in the right direction? Of course, we easily expect change to be something positive and maybe that’s why it feels like there is no change, because we don’t see anything in the middle of all this that would lead us towards a better world.

According to the Hindu worldview, change happens extremely slowly. Likewise, the cycles that humanity goes through are hundreds of thousands of years long. But according to that knowledge also, humanity and planet Earth are going through the process of transition between two infinitely long periods, cycles. Kali Yuga, the dark and evil time in the world is coming to an end and the long and slow return to the Golden Age is beginning.

If we take a look at astrological events, in 2012 our entire Solar System reached the fine photon zone of higher vibration, and that’s when our journey began into uncharted waters, towards our galactic sun. That brought its changes to the world.

It is also told that in 1898, a great outpouring of high energy came to Earth, which launched the Age of Aquarius and living up spirituality through brotherhood and love of one’s neighbor. The Theosophists eagerly awaited that change and believed in a good outcome before the World Wars began.

What should we understand from these examples? Why is the world situation only getting worse, even though we continuously keep getting high-energy showers? Why is that long-awaited Golden Age still not here and why has it not descended into our everyday life, instead we get to see how the world just gets more brutal all the time. We are now very far from neighborly love and brotherhood.

According to spiritual wisdom, whenever a higher vibration enters our world, whether it comes through the movement of our planet or caused by a cosmic outpouring, it passes through everything in physical reality as well. Like a powerful tsunami, for example, the impulse sent by our Sun travels through all the world it encounters. This is one of the cosmic laws that the finer vibration passes through the coarser.

The more that high-vibration wave matches our vibration, the more delightfully we can experience and receive it without resistance. But since the majority of us still carry low energies, emotions, and thoughts in our energy field; low general energy in ourselves, the fine energy passing through it shakes that energy into motion, causing corresponding reactions. Unconscious human beings then act following the emotional energies they carry in themselves, and so also everything negative is activated in our concrete world and leads to conflicts and horrible acts.

However, the purpose of the fine energy flows is to make humanity wake up to the fact that we would no longer want such a savage world, but that we as an entirety would begin to strive away from those lowest energies. Time after time the outpourings consequently wake up individuals to look for something better. And awakenings do happen, even if we don’t see them on a large scale yet. Now we already see what should be cleansed and that’s why it rises to the surface, so that we could all see the state of the world and do our best so that the Golden Age could also arrive into our visible world.

So we are living at the beginning of the new, where the new age has not yet descended on Earth or our everyday life as a Golden Age, which is already strongly being brought up now. However, the journey is long, as we can verify from the scriptures. But we can travel there faster, the more we work with ourselves believing in a good and wonderful outcome and at the same time seeing the truth about ourselves and the world. Together we can be creating the future we are moving towards.

The more individuals and groups consciously receive these wonderful moments and do their best all the time so that when they arrive, they will raise them even more, and emotional reactions will no longer lead to low choices or actions, the faster also our concrete world will change. It is important for each of us to remember why our planet is going through these changes, as well as the people here on Earth. All of us together are now changing what we have created together. Let’s also remember to keep our hearts focused on the result, which is beautiful and good for all beings.

Last night’s outpouring fell on my solar period, which is also shaken by eclipses. I try my best by spending time by myself and consciously receiving those moments in addition to my solar moment. With the idea that I would be freed and ascend higher. Year after year.

It’s good to know the right moments and it’s my job to remind you what’s coming and why so that everyone else can also be prepared and alert.

The Vernal Equinox is the point in time when we can see under which star system we live and that can be seen from the direction our northern axis points to. But since the distances and the impossibility of measuring are involved, we can only rely on old knowledge about which are, for example, the signs and emblems of the Aquarian era. However, my Helpers have confirmed that we are already living in the Age of Aquarius and it is truly a time of great change.

The Equinox is one point of the sacred currents of spring. In my previous blog, I already talked about other dates, but now I want to talk about an almost new idea also for me, which likewise comes through theosophical, spiritual astrology, which e.g. Alice Bailey brought into the world.

That is the power of the three holy full moons, which start and bless the new spiritual year and can thus have an uplifting effect on the whole year.

The first is the full moon in the sign of Aries, which carries the message of the celebration of cosmic Christ’s Resurrection. We understand this through Easter’s message. This year, the Celebration of Christ is in connection with a Lunar Eclipse, which certainly strengthens the energy of the message. That day falls on March 25th.

The next celebration is scheduled for the moment of full moon in the sign of Taurus, in other words on April 24th and that is the celebration of the enlightenment of the Buddha, which brings the energy of the message of enlightenment to Earth.

The last celebration of spring is the full moon celebration in the sign of Gemini on May 23rd and that is consecrated to humanity and the new servants of the world. I believe that this festive energy has a lot to offer at this time, as it will surely awaken new workers of the new age.

Maybe it’s time also for us too to unite in energy during these celebrations and receive their blessing into our hearts. Or what do you think…