The Holy Mission of the Hungarians

The first real spring day once again awakened such great gratitude in my heart. This slowly opening spring energy took me in its arms and nourished me with its warmth and high brightness. Oh, Mother Earth! Thank you again for this new beginning, which takes us towards a flowering summer and the nourishment that comes with it. Mother Earth continues to nurture and nourish us, even though we abuse her body and her fine energy channels and even chakras.

Mother Earth is a high consciousness with great potential that has an agreement with the human consciousness. That agreement allows all souls in the bodies to experience physical life and development on the surface of this incredibly beautiful planet. The body of Mother Earth is our home, which we should value, protect, and nourish with the sacred energy from our Highest Self.

Cooperation with Mother Earth forms the core of the agreement and only then can the balance on earth be maintained. Mother Earth gives us a home and the elements to our bodies and we are supposed to give that sacred energy back and make sure that our home remains clean, beautiful, and harmonious.

At this time, our Helpers are particularly concerned with the maintenance of Mother Earth’s energy network. Mother Earth needs our help! Surely many of you have heard of Mother Earth’s chakras and the energy network, which we can call the ley lines. They have a sacred function!

Those lines and Earth’s chakras are meant to convey, receive, and transmit the finer frequency of Light, thereby maintaining and preserving the flow of information regarding the great plan and spiritual information on earth.

I recently wrote about how Mother Earth has followed her own high path of development towards a higher vibration, while humanity as a whole has constantly followed the path of regression and lower vibration, even though Mother Earth would need our help to maintain life. The vibration of Mother Earth is rising.

Four years ago, we first visited Hungary for the first time, where a higher, four-dimensional heart chakra of Mother Earth had opened. This means that when the vibration of Mother Earth rises, the vibrations of its chakras also rise. The chakra of the third dimension begins to close and the fourth dimension opens. The heart chakra, which is the first higher-frequency chakra, opened in another place from that third-dimensional heart chakra at Glastonbury. It had opened in Pilis, Hungary.

There was sacred information in Hungary, where that chakra might be located, and that location was at one time confirmed by High Buddhist Lamas. We traveled to Pilis and found the area of the heart chakra that is about 36 km in diameter. At the same time, it was established that the Hungarians have an important and sacred spiritual mission, which they should cherish. The helpers asked the Hungarians to take responsibility for the development of that holy area to prosper into its full bloom. It meant maintaining the activation and opening of the fourth dimension heart chakra with the energy of pure souls’ Highest Selves.

In practice, that means regular visits to that heart area and transmitting energy to that region through one’s Highest Self. In this way, the agreement with Mother Earth would be fulfilled in its holiest way. Mother Earth needs help so that she can help humanity with her own body. And as you know, now humanity is really in need of help.

Conscious Hungarians were therefore called to that mission, for which many star consciousnesses were born there in this life. But as always with major projects, you need someone who takes responsibility for the realization of the project and takes it in the right direction. That someone has not been found yet. The sacredness and purity of the mission must be understood so that this place will not end up like so many other holy places in the world. They become tourist attractions and the holy mission is buried for the sake of markets. That’s not what we’d want to happen to Pilis.

After that time, we visited Budapest often and also elsewhere on the beautiful soil of Hungary until the corona spring arrived and the trips stopped. Similarly, our job with a few of our Hungarian friends was not completed and the enthusiasm there slowly faded. However, the mission still stands and we should hand it over to those it concerns. We have only been messengers and confirmers of the mission.

This spring, we might finally have the opportunity to travel to that region again and hopefully also finish our part of the deal by finding the one who could take on the job of a project manager. We are not exaggerating when we say that Europe’s energy and spiritual future depends on that person. Perhaps even the spiritual possibility for change for all humanity…