A Powerful Lunar Eclipse Day

Thursday 18.7.2019  – Eija

The day of the Lunar Eclipse had strong energy and had an effect on vibration, at least on us. We arrived in Glastonbury in the afternoon and our directions were to move to the Tor hill around 6 pm and spend a couple of hours there meditating. There was a constant stream of people climbing up the hill and we joined in the line. You could see already from the very bottom of the hill that its energy field appeared as shining in the colors of a rainbow. Also, there was a similar kind of beam heading off to the heights. The tower itself did not give out any kind of energy to me. I only experienced a state of stagnation. The tower is really a gate that opens towards two directions and inside the gate, there is a small space. That is all there is left of the ancient greatness. 

Patrick asked my opinion on could the portal be somewhere else. I started looking around and noticed the portal opening up a little further down towards the south. I pointed to the location and Patrick confirmed that also during his last trip here, it had been located to the same spot. The lines have moved during the time and that intersection of many ley lines has also slightly moved. 

The directions given by our Helpers were that we should sit on the East and the West sides of the portal, so we sat in the middle of the stinging nettles as we had been instructed. 

We quieted down in our own spots for a couple of hours and meditated. Then a message was given to move to a different location because many kinds of different vibrations had gathered on the hill and as confirmation, I heard drumming above coming from the Tor. Local goddesses and wiccans were starting their rituals as it was the night of full moon and also the eclipse was starting. Our Helpers were, however, of the opinion that it was not worth us staying there but we could return to the hotel to receive the energy opening up. 

The actual moment of the eclipse was very powerful and also very different from the previous corresponding ones. I experienced very strongly the energy of the Pollux star and the effects of the Orion-Sirius line. Also, blue energy traveled down from the crown chakra to the heart center and from there to the arms. During the eclipse, I was told about the powerfulness and message of the crop circles. I can summarize the message I got by telling that they are born as a result of the “cooperation” between high cosmic consciousnesses, Mother Earth and the collective field of humanity. Humanity is already helped with their energy and they can function also as a counter strike to the developments in the world, but the meaning is also to wake us up. And they are also warnings, awakeners. Visiting inside or close to them can change your vibration, but it depends on a person’s own energy what that vibration will cause. I sincerely hope that I could one day be able to visit and feel their energy because at this very moment I feel conflicted by their purpose. I cannot, of course, fully understand everything because I have not experienced them myself.  I managed to see a glimpse of the last moments of the eclipse and after that, I passed out exhausted from all the charging. 

Today our journey continues towards the other end of St. Michael’s ley line and I’m writing this blog in Cornwall. The scenery has slowly changed and you can already sense the sea. Tomorrow we will finish up this mission and then we will head towards the Hampshire area for our last “vacation days”. It is time to focus on the crop circles instead of the ley lines. I’m ready to hit my head on the pillow again, and tonight we are staying in a wonderful Old Chapel B&B. A small and lovely guesthouse that is in a former chapel is also worth the experience.