Light bearers from the Nordic countries

Many of you must have heard the phrase: Light comes from the Nordic countries. So have I already in the 1990s, and often since then, I have wondered where the roots of that sentence might be. The phrase is associated with spiritual change and a time in humanity when light is really needed.

Behind that idea is the rise of spiritual light here in the Nordic countries, and it is said that the mother of the saying is H.P. Blavatsky herself. Blavatsky was the founder of the theosophical movement and she also channeled all that knowledge for humanity. The Secret Doctrine is her magnum opus.

In Finland, the greatest figure in theosophy was Pekka Ervast (1875-1934), of course. He was there setting up the Finnish theosophical society and served as its chief secretary for more than twenty years. Ervast was a diligent lecturer and visited e.g. Stockholm on several occasions to tell about the worldview of theosophy.

As an example of Ervast’s international connections, one can mention the annual meeting of the Scandinavian theosophical movement in Stockholm in 1900, where Ervast acted as an interpreter for H.S. Olcott, a founding member of the theosophical movement. Olcott, on the other hand, was a close friend of Blavatsky herself. So Ervast got profound teaching from the genuine source already as a young man in his twenties.

Another prominent acquaintance and supporter of Ervast was Countess Constance Wachtmeister, who, despite her Italian origin, lived for long periods of time in Sweden. It was this Countess who brought this famous saying to the Nordic countries. The Countess was also a close friend of Blavatsky, and originally that saying comes from H.P.B. herself. It’s been told that the Countess had cited Blavatsky exactly like this: “All seems to be disappearing under the feet and darkness governs in the world. May the theosophists then remember to turn their eyes towards the Nordic countries, as the light comes from Finland. That’s what Madame Blavatsky says.” In some later texts, Pekka Ervast was elevated as that bearer, for he had the great task of bringing holy knowledge together as a path that everyone could follow.

Ervast was invited to stay in Sweden on several occasions, but he felt that he was needed in Finland, as his own visions pertained to Finland and Finland’s national guardian spirit and his own duties. He did actively work on bringing light into people’s lives, and he gave clear instructions for spiritual life, in accordance with the Sermon on the Mount of our master Jesus.

In recent years, I have often wondered why it is often so difficult to implement spirituality in everyday life. By this, I mean that, although Finland received clear instructions from a very high authority, they have not been endorsed here, even in the so-called spiritual circles. On the contrary, attempts have been made to dig into all negative and ugly things about Ervast’s persona and actions, so that his literary production and message to humanity could be tarnished and even nullified through them.

Why is it so, that those who bring good and clear guidelines on how to at least strive towards being a better human being are always “crucified” on their own land? As Finns, we can in fact ask whether we have also done so to the master who was given to our country. Have we respected the legacy that was left to us and given as guidelines?

Our spiritual heritage, our roots are of theosophical-christosophical origins, but they do indeed extend to Kalevala. The role of the Finnish people as the preserver of Light and as the torch and traveler of humanity’s spiritual path based on the new “religion” built on ancient knowledge, has been trampled underfoot by all other nonsense. Why is that so? My own experience as a seeker is that a few of man’s basic energies triumph over light and one’s own spiritual work, and they are laziness and selfishness. One seeks something for oneself even from spirituality, and that search is not always based on a deep longing for the divine truth, to which the life guidelines and many books by Ervast bring their holy answer. For he created here in Finland the foundation on which today’s true spirituality can build on. Firmly and surely based on the truth.

Finns also carry a trauma heritage that makes us spiritually quite slow, insecure, and often relying on hypocrisy. Even in spirituality, help is constantly sought outside Finland, and unfortunately, the message of ambassadors even from the wrong sources is received with enthusiasm. What’s wrong, how to fix that slowness or reluctance to receive something that’s permanent, something that gives everyone the path to take in daily life, rather than following gurus and celebrities for their own sake.

Now it would be the time for us to pull ourselves together and unite to make the torch of Light as big as possible. Together, all who have awakened to spirituality can do so much more than just in small separate groups. We could start a new era that is based on our spiritual heritage and its beautiful guidelines and incorporate them, updated to this day, into our life.

So now I ask, who will carry the torch of Light, except perhaps the few who aspire to live according to the Holy Guidelines? Who opens the door to the Cosmic Temple of knowledge, wisdom, and love that was built in our soil already a hundred years ago? Who walks carrying the Light, following the guidelines in their lives so that others can see and eventually follow?

Because the time is now. Now everything is beginning to disappear from under our feet, and the darkness indeed rules in the world in a way that Ervast might not have thought would come. Humanity is like in the teeth of a mauling wolf, screaming for help, and yet it turns again and again to the same wolf, asking for help and relying on it in vain. We’re afraid of the wolf, we’re going around in circles, without a common spiritual goal. Humanity is living in its deepest delusion from which eventually all could nevertheless wake up from.

We need Bearers of Light now, courageous examples, and strong believers in themselves and in the task that was given. We do not need hundreds of spiritual books but only that one that has the truth and the information on how to act so that the Light could finally come from the Nordic countries. With the help of that foundation that once was laid here from Light.

Light is Love that embraces everything without judgment, without leaving anybody outside. Light is the Truth and by following it you can eventually find the path that in the end turns out to be life itself. Light is a gift for all of us and we should carry it with gratefulness for the benefit of all. The Light that flows also in us is from the infinite, creative, and life-sustaining source. Without Light no living being would exist, not even you. Our Divine task on earth is to act as the bearers of that Light and in that process giving others hope, tools, and faith in change that we together can bring forth. Knowledge, truth, and tools are the Light we can pass on from here. Right now, when it’s the time of darkness we need Light into the whole world.

Let it, therefore, be the time of Light from the Nordic countries!